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Story of King Yayati Curse - Desires and Realization of Life Truth

King Yayati Curse – Desire and Realization Story

King Yayati was one of ancestors of Pandavas. He was well conversant with scriptures and had intense devotion towards God. He was utterly unacquainted with defeat. Nevertheless, cruel was his fate. He cheated his wife which angered his father-in-law Sukracharaya, who pronounced a curse on him. He cursed him with premature old age. Curse took…

Midas and Golden Touch - Classical Greek Mythology Short Moral Stories

King Midas and Golden Touch..

In ancient Greek, there was a King named Midas. He had a loving wife and daughter. He had lots of money and everything he needed but still he was not satisfied with what he had. He wanted to have more and more riches. One day, Midas saw that a satyr named Silenus was drunk and…

Divinity Lies Within Us - Spiritual Short Stories with Morals Eng

Where Does Divinity Lie?

According to an old Hindu Legend, Long before there was a time when all beings on earth were GODS but they started to wrongly use their divinity. So, Brahma (the Creator) decided to take away divinity from all beings and decided to hide it somewhere they could never find it. So Brahma called council of…

Spiritual Inspirational Short Stories - Best Stories for Life

Divinity Lies Within Us..!!

According to Hindi Legend, Once there was time when every human being were GOD but they abused their divinity. So, one day Brahma(Creator) decided to take back divinity from Humans and decided to Hide it some place where humans could never find it. To do this Brahma called meeting of all Gods to decide about…

Story of Ekalavya And Dronacharya in English - Motivational

Story of Ekalavya And Dronacharya

Long-era ago, In India lived a boy named Eklavya, son of tribal chief in the forest of kingdom Hastinapur. Eklavya was brave and handsome boy who was loved by all. His father saw that something was troubling him. Many times he saw his son lost in deep thought and other boys used to play and…

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