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Reason to Stay Calm - Story for Mother/Wife

Reason to Stay Calm!!

Husband said to his wife – I am going out with my friends. She replied – Ok. After a while, son said – Mother, i got my results for mock exams and it’s not good. Son expected to get a scolding from his mother but to his surprise, his mother calmly said – Ok. If…

Who is Real Mother - Mother's Love for her Child Jataka Tales

Who is Real Mother?

Once in a village, two women were fighting over a little child. Matter was taken to wise village chief. First woman said, “He is my child. Please tell her to leave him alone.” Another woman cried, “No, he is mine.” Wise man said to first woman, “What do you have to say?” She replied, “He…

Paid in Full Boy's Little Piece of Paper - Mother Son Conversation

Paid in Full – Boy’s Little Piece of Paper..!!

One day, a little boy came up to his mother who was working in kitchen. She was fixing supper. Boy had a little paper that he had been writing on, he handed that paper to his mother. After mother was done with work, she read it. This is what it said: For cutting the grass:…

Good Short Stories with Dialogue - Angel on Earth Conversation of Child and God

Angel on Earth..

Conversation between a child who is about to be born and God. Child: You are sending me to earth but how am i going to live there so small and helpless? God smiled and replied: You don’t have to worry. I have already chosen one of my angels for you. She will be waiting for…

Scars in Your Life Story - Heart Touching Stories of Mother and Son Love

Scars in Your Life..! Mother Son Story

On a hot summer day, A little boy and his mother were inside a lake house. Little boy decided to go for a swim in lake behind his house. Boy was really excited to go into lake and swim in cool lake so he just ran out. Boy went into lake and swam far without…

Heart Touching Story of Mother and Son - Sad Heart Breaking Short Story

Mother’s Sacrifice and Love..!! Heart Touching

Once a kid used to live with his mother. They were poor and could earn just to manage their needs. Mother had only one eye and because of that kid used to thing of her as embarrassment. One day when Mother went to kid’s school, everyone in school laughed at him and taunted about his…

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