Caring for Others – Moral Story for Kids

Sharing and Caring for Others - Friendship Moral stories for Kids

Once lived a girl named Geeta, seven years old and only child of her parents. Her parents never refused her anything and because of this she became arrogant and spoiled child. One day, her mother noticed that her daughter was not liked by neighbor kids, they wouldn’t play with her. She also got to know … Read more

True Friend Meaning (Must Read)

True Friend Story in English - Very Interesting Story abt Real Meaning of Friendship

Once there was a little girl Lily who was very friendly and popular in her class. She was friends with everyone in her class. There was no one in class who didn’t like her. She was very kind and would always be busy with her friends. She felt very happy that she had so many … Read more

Judging Other’s – Train Journey.!

Short Moral Stories for Adults - Learning from Kids Short Stories for Adults

Seema boarded on train with her 5yr old daughter. It was her first travel through train. Train was very crowded and it was very difficult to even pass through lanes between seats. Seema clutched hands of her daughter fearing that crowd could pull her daughter away. When train started to move a snack vendor came … Read more

Child and Mother’s Relationship..!! Heart Touching

Heart Touching Stories About Mother - Unconditional Mother's Love Stories

Story 1: Rose for Mother..! A man went to a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to a distant place. Order of flower was to be sent to his mother who lived three hundred miles away. As man got out of shop and went to his car, he noticed a young girl … Read more

Reason for Sharing..!! Short Stories

Sharing Short Stories - Farmer Best Moral Stories

Story 1: Judging Others..!! Once a little girl sitting at chair and she was holding two apples in her hands. Her mother came to her and softly asked her, “Sweety, could you give your mom one apple?” Girl looked at her mom for a second and then she suddenly took a bite on one apple … Read more

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