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Young Man Interview - Importance of Values and Good Habits

Young Man Interview – Importance of Values and Good Habits

Young man arrived at office, for his first interview.  Young man used to live with his parents. He was frustrated with his parents nagging for every little thing he did at home. While waiting for interview, he was thinking, “Only if i succeed in today’s interview then i will say goodbye to my parents house…

Moral Stories on Power and Responsibility - Never Look Down on Others

Sage Advice – Hermit’s Power..!!

Once a hermit used to live in forest and meditated for years. With his devotion he got powers from God which he could use in the time of need. Hermit was a humble person but after he got power, he became too proud of himself. After returning from jungle he went to village. One day…

Puppies for Sale Inspirational Story - Little Kid Compassion Short Story

Puppies for Sale..! Inspirational

Once a farmer painted an advertisement for puppies to sell and was fixing it on the edge of his yard. As he was hitting last nail for board to be fixed on it’s place he felt a tug on his overalls. When he looked behind he saw a little kid. He asked, “What do you…

Short Stories on Faith and Trust - Believe in God and Letting Go Stories

Letting Go..! Faith and Trust on God

Once a man was chased by a tiger. He was running as hard as he could. At last he reached at the edge of a cliff and tiger was still behind him. Now the man was at the end of cliff with tiger in front of him. When he saw down the cliff he found…

Moral Lesson Stories - Short Stories with Moral for Kids

Quiz for Students!!

During first month of college, Professor gave his students a list of quiz questions. In his class there was one student name Sam. He was very brilliant student. As professor gave him list he solved whole paper really quick but got stuck at last question. Question was, “What is the first name of women who…

Believe in God Stories - Short Moral Stories for Students

Saint Solution to Man!!

A person had to go a round a river to reach his home. it was trouble some for him to go through long way. The flow of river was to much to swim through it and man was scared to swim through it. So, he went to a Saint and told him about this situation….

The Window Story for Inspiration - Moral Stories for Students

The Window Story for Inspiration

It’s story of two men who were both seriously ill and occupied same room at hospital. One man was next to room’s only window and allowed to get only for one hour to sit up during his treatment of lungs. Other man had to spend all day lying flat on his back. Both men talked…

Young Man N Little Boy - Short Stories on Life Experiences

Young Man And Little Boy Conversation..!!

About ten years ago, A very successful young man was passing by a street in neighborhood in his only two month sleek and black Jaguar. He was going much faster. He was watching kids playing there and slowed down his car as he thought he saw something. As his car passed suddenly a brick sailed…

Mirror in Coffin Story - Good Leadership Stories in English

Mirror in Coffin Story..!!

One day all the employees of a company saw a note on door. “The person who have been hindering the growth of your company passed away yesterday. You all are invited to the funeral that has been prepared in company gym.” Was written on note. After reading note, all employees got sad for deceased colleague…

Chor ki Daadi Mein Tinka Story in English - Akbar Birbal

King’s Stolen Ring Story

One fine day, Akbar lost his ring. When Birbal arrived in the court, Akbar told him “I have lost my ring. My father had given it to me as a gift. Please help me find it.” Birbal said “do not worry your Majesty, I will find your ring right now.” He said, ”Your Majesty the…

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