Young Man Desire to Get Fame – Sage Advice to Young Man

Young Man Desire to Get Fame - Sage Advice to Young Man

Long ago there was a young man who always used to visit Sages and Yogis. Once he stayed with a yogi and pleased with his service Yogi said, “If you have any wish, i can fulfil it.” Young man wanted to gain fame. He said, “I want to become powerful. I want to know the … Read more

Wise Old Man and Broken Vase Story

Wise Old Man and Broken Vase Story

Once there used to be a king, who was considered eccentric by all because he used to give death penalty to anyone even on smallest mistakes. In the palace of the King, 20 vases were decorated very beautifully and King loved to show this collection to his guests. One day while cleaning, a vase fell … Read more

Man Complain to God Story – Trust God’s Plan

Man Complain to God Story - Trust God's Plan

A man used to work at temple and his job was to clean the temple. Priest would give him small amount out of donation made by devotees at temple as pay for his work. He was very upset with his life because he was very poor and had hard life. While working in temple, he … Read more

King’s Sculptures and Servant Story – Do Justice

King's Sculptures and Servant Story - Do Justice

Once there was King who loved sculptures very much. He used to collect sculptures from around the world and bring them to his palace. There were many sculptures in his palace but among them all, he loved three sculptures the most. Everyone knew that King had great affection for those sculptures. One day when servant … Read more

Four Heaps of Sand – Little Boy and King Story

Four Heaps of Sand - Little Boy and King Story

There was a King, who had no son. He tried for long time but still he had no child. One day, King’s advisor went to a Tantrik (Occultist) to seek help. Tantrik gave suggestion that if a boy is sacrificed then a boy will be born to king and queen. An announcement was made in … Read more

Woodcutter and Priest – Japanese Folktale

Japanese Folktales - Woodcutter and Priest Story about Work and Pray

Many years ago, there lived a woodcutter. He was a giant stature and lived with his wife and children. One day, a woodcutter meet a priest. Priest talked to him and then said, “I am afraid you never pray. You should find time from your work to pray to God.” Woodcutter replied, “If you had … Read more

Priest and Robbers Story

Priest Stories with Moral - Think Wisely Before Acting Short Stories

Once upon a time, In a kingdom lived a priest who had magical power and knew a special spell which was given to him by his teacher. There was a condition on use of that special spell that it can be used only once a year at a specific time. Priest had a disciple who … Read more

Being Mentally Strong..!!

Being Mentally Strong Moral Story - Power and Responsibility Short Stories

Once there was demon named Sauhaat, demon who had hundred hands. He was so powerful that no King in world could fight him. One by one he defeated every King in world and then dashed towards heaven to challenge God. Sauhaat went to God’s court and proudly said, “I am most powerful being in this … Read more

Sage Advice – Hermit’s Power..!!

Moral Stories on Power and Responsibility - Never Look Down on Others

Once a hermit used to live in forest and meditated for years. With his devotion he got powers from God which he could use in the time of need. Hermit was a humble person but after he got power, he became too proud of himself. After returning from jungle he went to village. One day … Read more

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