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Potter or Jeweller - Who is Bigger Fool? Greed Story

Potter or Jeweller – Who is Bigger Fool? Greed Story

While returning from market after selling all his pots, potter found a big glass like stone on his way. Potter picked it up thinking that his kids can play with this shiny stone. Later he thought that its better to tie it on his donkey neck. It will be like an ornament for his donkey….

Lion and Mouse - Short Story for Kids

Lion and Mouse – Short Story for Kids

Once, a lion was sleeping comfortably under the shade of a tree after eating and drinking. After a while, from somewhere a naughty mouse reached there and started playing around. While playing mouse climbed on top of the lion, ran on lion’s back, climbed on lion’s head. He was having a lot of fun. Lion’s…

Boy Deal with Girl - Cheat and Guilt Story

Boy Deal with Girl – Cheat and Guilt Story

Once a boy and girl were playing in a park. Boy was playing with marbles and girl was watching him playing. Girl had a packet of candies with her. She wanted to play with marbles, so she went to boy and said, “I want to play with marbles, will you exchange all these marbles in…

Four Lamps and Saint's Warning - Greed Story

Four Lamps and Saint’s Warning – Greed Story

Once in a city, lived a person who was very wealthy but despite having immense wealth, he had desire to get more money. One day, he got to know that a miraculous saint had arrived in his city. He went to saint, invited him in his house and served him warmly. Pleased with his service,…

Elephant Trapped in Muddy Pond - Buddha's Help

Elephant Trapped in Muddy Pond – Buddha’s Help

A King had many elephants. One of them was very powerful, obedient and skilled in fighting. He went with King in many wars and was King’s favorite. As time passed, elephant got old and King cared for him and would not take him to war with him anymore. One day, elephant went to near by…

Disciple Question to Acharaya - Why is Discipline Important

Disciple Question – Why is Discipline Important?

In ancient times, In a Gurukul lived Acharya Sumedh with his disciples. He was very knowledgeable and adhered to discipline. One day after end of lesson, one of his disciple named Vartant asked him, “Acharayvar! Intellectual sharpness is basis of learning. Despite this why do you always talk about tying our whole life in rigid…

Businessman and Dog Story - How Karma Works

Businessman and Dog Story – How Karma Works

Once a successful businessman was getting ready to go to his office. He got out of his house and reached his car. As soon as he opened door of his car, a stray dog who was sleeping under his car suddenly came out and bit on his leg. Businessman got very angry and quickly picked…

Planting Seed - Young Executives Test Story abt Honesty

Planting Seed – Young Executives Test Story

Once a successful Business man was growing old, he knew that it was time for him to choose a successor to take over his business. In morning, he called all young executives in his company and said, “It’s time for me to step down and choose the next CEO. All of you will get chance…

Short Stories with Moral - Do Good and Good Reflects Back in Life Story

Life is Reflection – Short Moral Stories

Story 1: Echo in Mountain..!! Once a father and son were walking through mountain. Suddenly, kid fell and hurt himself and screamed, “Aaahhh!!” To his surprise, he heard a repeating voice somewhere in mountain, “Aaahh!!” Curious about voice, kid yelled, “Who are you?” He received answer, “Who are you?” Listening to his he again shouted,…

Cheating Moral Stories - Never Try to Cheat Others Moral Lesson for Kids

Jealousy and Cheating – Friends Moral Story

Once a poor boy Rohit got employed in a diamond shop. He used to live his mother and was very hard working and honest person. This impressed his employer and with in year boy got double raise in his salary. One day his childhood friend Anuj came to visit him from his village. While Rohit…

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