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Sincere Prayer - Disciple Question to Saint Ramdas

Sincere Prayer – Disciple Question to Saint Ramdas

When Saint Ramdas prayed, his lips never moved. One of his disciple noticed it and got curious. So, one day his disciple went to him and asked, “When we pray, lips move. Your lips don’t move. You stand like a stone idol. Usually, if you say something internally, even then there is a slight vibration…

Young Monk and Amrapali - Buddha's Disciple Story

Young Monk and Amrapali – Buddha’s Disciple Story

In Vaishali lived a famous courtesan Amrapali. She was very beautiful and was declared Nagarvadhu of Vaishali. (In those times, the most beautiful woman of any city will not be allowed to get married to any one person. So the most beautiful woman had to become nagarvadhu – the wife of the whole town.) One…

Two Words Rule at Monastery! Zen Story with Moral Lesson

Two Words Rule at Monastery! A Complaining Mind

Once there used to a monastery where rules were very strict. One rule was not to speak even a word. All monks in monastery adhered to this rule. Every one who joined monastery had taken up strict vow of silence. Though there was a rule to not speak a word, once monk completed one years…

Five Monks Journey - Distractions and Destination

Five Monks Journey – Distractions and Destination

Once a lama who was working in a faraway valley, wrote a letter to chief of monastery. In letter he said, “Send one more lama, we need him here.” Chief called all his disciples and read that letter in front of them. Then he said, “I would like to send five of you.” One lama…

Disciple Test Story - Last Initiation Test by Master and King Reaction Story

King’s Reaction – Disciple Test Story

Once a disciple as going to be given his last initiation by his master. Once he passes his last initiation he would be declared enlightened. Disciple went to master and said, “I am ready. Please tell me what i have to do for my last initiation.” Master said, “You have to go to King, early…

Stories on Innocence - Zen Teaching Monk Disciple Enlightenment Story

Man’s Innocence – Zen Enlightenment Story

Once there was big monastery, where lived 500 monks. They were all practicing path of self remembering under their Master. One day a man went to monastery to become disciple. Master accepted him as disciple but because he was simple, uneducated man from village, Master gave him job of rice cleaning in kitchen. Monastery kitchen…

Happy Monk Story - Best Story about Happiness of Spiritual Enlightenment

Happy Monk Story

Once upon a time, lived a high class rich man in a kingdom. As he rich man became older and realized that suffering for old age was about same for rich and poor. So, he gave up his wealth and went to forest to live as a monk. In forest he practiced meditation and freed…

Short Stories about Stealing - Zen Master Test for Young Boys Moral Story

Zen Master Test for Boys..!

Once upon a time, on outskirt of a big city stood an old temple. Many young boys who wanted to study Buddhism would come to live in temple and to learn from Master (Head Buddhist Monk) at temple. One day, Master decided to test his students. So he gathered all young boys around him and…

Interesting Short Stories for Adults - Different Perspective for Better Life Zen Stories

Sacred Wooden Beads..!

Once there was huge temple built in center of lake. There lived great master and 20 of his disciples who would learn Buddhism teaching’s. There was a precious string of wooden beads which was sacred and was enshrined in temple. As temple was in middle of lake it was connected to rest of world with…

Stories about Unusual Pets - Acting Sensibly With Nature Moral Lesson

Unusual Pet – Snake.!

Once in village a man used to live alone at home. He loved animals and wanted to keep a pet for himself. One day while walking by village cross road, he saw a little poisonous snake who was searching for food. Man liked it so much that he decided to keep it as his pet….

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