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16 Must Read Interesting Facts about Four Vedas

16 Interesting Facts about Vedas

Oldest Knowledge to Humankind: Vedas are considered the Sacred Knowledge. There are Four major Vedas: Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda. Here are Some Interesting Facts about Vedas. Vedas are written…

Some Interesting and Mind Blowing and Educational Facts about Cats

22 Amazing Facts about Cats

Cats are the World’s most popular Pets, outnumbering Dogs by as many as three to one Cats cannot Detect Sweetness that’s why they are not Drawn to it at all….

26 Mind Blowing Facts abt Sleep - Sleep Deprivation n Ways to Sleep Well

26 Mind Blowing Facts about Sleep

Man is the only Mammal that Willingly Delays sleep. Ever fall Asleep and Wake up with a Sudden jolt seconds Later. That Action is called a Myoclonic Jerk. Sleep is…

26 Interesting Facts about Birds - Mind Blowing Facts about Birds for Kids

26 Mind Blowing Facts about Birds

A Bird’s Feathers weigh more than it’s Skeleton. To Make them more Lightweight, Most birds do not have Bladders to store Urine. Rather than producing Liquid urine to get Rid…

16 Interesting and Mind Blowing Fun Facts about Stars for Kids

16 Interesting Facts about Stars

Milky Way galaxy, where our Solar system belongs is said to have 100 billion Stars. Scientists estimate that there are likely to be over 100 billion to 1 trillion Galaxies…

20 Interesting Facts about Earth - Mind Blowing Facts abt Our Planet Earth

20 Mind Blowing Facts about Earth

Earth is the Third planet from the Sun and the Fifth largest in the Solar system. It is the only known planet to Sustain Life. Earth was formed around 4.5…