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Saint Warning to King about Demon!

Saint Warning to King about Demon!

Once a King wanted to become more powerful. He got to know about a saint who had came to his kingdom and was famous for helping people. King went to saint and said to him, “Please tell me a way to become more powerful.” Saint pointed towards a path and said, “Path you seeing in…

King and Farmer Story - Use of Money Earned

King and Farmer Story – Use of Money Earned

One day King went on a tour of his kingdom in disguise. While roaming around, he passed near a farm field, there he saw a farmer who was wearing torn clothes and was eating food sitting under shade of a tree. Seeing clothes of farmer, King thought, “I should give some gold coins to farmer…

Cost of Repair!! Company Owner n Engineer

Cost of Repair!! Company Owner n Engineer Story

Once a giant ship’s engine broke down. No one from company could repair it. So, company owner hired a mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience, to check and repair it. Engineer came and inspected engine very carefully, from top to bottom. After checking, he unloaded his bag and pulled out a small hammer….

Employee Complain to Boss - Way to Work n Progress

Employee Complain to Boss – Way to Progress

Once two childhood friend, Sonu and Monu went to look for job. Both applied in same company and luckily both were selected for job. Both were hard working. After working for few months Sonu got promotion while Monu didn’t get any. Boss was fond of Sonu and always kept him near. Monu saw this and…

Few Grains of Wheat - Rich Man Test

Few Grains of Wheat – Rich Man Test

Long ago, a rich man lived in a small village. He had four sons. With passage of time rich man grew old and thought about deciding who should be made heir of his wealth. To make this decision, he summoned four sons gave few grains of wheat to each of his son and said, “I…

Nasruddin Tales - Witty Nasrudin Salesmanship Ability Short Witty Story

Nasruddin Tales – Salesmanship..!!

Once Nasruddin was invited to party a Mayor’s place. On day of party he went to Mayor’s place wearing very fancy clothes. When Mayor meet him, Mayor’s eyes were caught on his big beautiful and fancy turban. Mayor said, “Wow..!! What a magnificent turban.. I have never seen anything like it. If possible i want…

Hardwork and Success - Kings Advisor and Young Man Motivational Story

Hard Work and Success – Young Man Story..!!

Once upon a time in a kingdom, a King’s advisor was famous for his wisdom. One day while going to palace with one of his friend and on his way, he saw a dead mouse.. Seeing that mouse he said to his friend, “Even from such small beginnings as this dead mouse, an energetic young…

Team Building Activites - Importance of Teamwork Stories for Employees

Balloon Activity for Team Building..!!

Once in a company, around team of 40 employees from different departments were working together on a project. Team consisted of bright and enthusiastic young members but problem was that they wouldn’t share information with each other and it was a problem. So one day project head, invited them for a event at company. In…

Creative Problem Solving Stories - Tricky Maths problem with Its Solution Interesting

Problem Solving..!! Be Creative

An old man used to live with his three sons. After old man passed away, his lawyer came up to his three sons and gave them his will. Among all other assets, old man had mentioned about 17 ducks in his will. In will old man stated that, “Eldest son should get half (1/2) of…

Father Lessons Son Moral Stories - Hard Work vs Smart Work Brothers

Father Lesson – Farm Management..

Once in a village, two brother’s started to work at poultry farm under their father guidance. Some years after they started working with their father, older son noticed that father would give more responsibility and reward to his younger brother. Older son felt it unfair as both worked equally and being older he should be…

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