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Ask God for Once! Draupadi Request to Yudhishthir

Ask God for Once! Draupadi Request to Yudhishthir

In Mahabharat, When Pandavas were living in exile. One day, Yudhishthir was sitting in solitude and enjoying nature. During this, he closed his eyes and sat in meditation. Just then Draupadi also reached there. When Yudhisthir’s meditation was complete, he looked very happy. Seeing this, Draupadi said, “You have so much faith in God. You…

Who is Good Who is Bad Stories for Adult

Who is Good? Who is Bad?

This story is from time of Mahabharata, When Guru Drona Acharya (Master) was teaching Pandavas and Kauravas. One day Acharya thought of testing his disciples. He called Duryodhana (Kaurava) and said, “Do one thing, go and search for a good man and bring him to me.” Duryodhana said, “Ok. I will leave right now and…

Pandavas Short Stories - Doing Work on Time Moral Stories for Kids Life Lesson

Pandavas Story – Present Time.!

Once upon a time a beggar came to Yudhisthira. He asked him for help. Yudhisthira was busy that time so he just replied, “Come tomorrow..” Beggar left. After beggar went away, Bheema (younger brother of Yudhisthira) took a big drum and starting beating drum furiously. With every beat he started walking toward city with that…

Karna Krishna Stories - Choosing Right vs Wrong Mahabharta Stories in English

Karna Krishna Conversation – Right or Wrong

Once Karna met Shri Krishna and said, “My mother left me moment i was born, was it my fault that i was born a illegitimate child? I didn’t got education from Dhronacharya just because i was considered a non- kshatriya and then when i was able to learn from Lord Parshurama, he gave me curse…

Danveer Karna Stories in English - Krishna and Karna Mythological Story with Moral

Danveer Karna Story

One day while Shri Krishna and Arjuna were out for stroll, Arjuna said, “If you permit.. Can i ask you something??” Krishna smiled and replied, “Sure, you can ask me anything without any hesitation..” Arjuna said, “I don’t understand why Karna is considered as most generous person of all.. ” Krishna smiled and replied, “Sure,…

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