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Four Friends and Lion Story!

Four Friends and Lion Story!

Once in a village, lived a four friends. Among them three had finest knowledge of scriptures while one friend didn’t had much knowledge of scriptures but was wise. One day they started discussing future. First friend said, “We have acquired so much knowledge and i have heard that King of state have great respect for…

Tiger and Donkey Story - Arguing with Fool

Tiger and Donkey Story – Arguing with Fool

Once a donkey and a tiger got into argument about color of grass. Donkey said that color of grass is blue while tiger said that color of grass is green. Soon, argument became heated, both of them decided to submit issue to arbitration. They approached King of Jungle, Lion for this. As they approached lion,…

Clever Camel and Fox Story - Fox Trickery Story with Advice for Kids

Clever Camel and Fox Story

Once a fox used to live near a garden, from there he would eat his fill and return. One day, gardener found out about him and patched the hole from which fox used to come inside garden. Fox was not able to find any way to get back into garden and grew hungrier, with each…

Clever Rabbit and Lion Story - Best Famous Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Clever Rabbit and Foolish Lion Story

Once upon a time, there was a valley surrounded by mountains. Many animals animals like rabbits, squirrels, deer etc made this lovely valley their home. They all lived peacefully in this valley as there was no wolf or lion. But one day, a Lion climbed down the mountains and entered valley. Not sooner had he…

Panchatantra Short Stories - Handling Rumors Wisely Moral Story to Learn

Chaos in Forest..!!

Once upon a time in a forest a hare was resting under a tree. While resting he was thinking about what would happen to him if earth break. Just then he heard a very weird sound. He got scared and said, “Earth is breaking up..” and started running. On his way another hare saw him…

Tales of Panchtantra - The Lion and The Mouse Short Story

Lion and Mouse Short Story

Story 1: The Lion and The Mouse Story Once in a forest lived very strong lion. One day while lion was sleeping under tree a mouse came and started playing near him. Few minutes later mouse started to play on lion’s body and pulled lion’s whiskers. Lion woke up because of this and caught mouse…

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