Reality of Today – Squirrel Story..!

Squirrel Story - Reality of Today Short Story Stuck in 9 to 5 Cycle of Work

Once in a forest lives a squirrel who was very hardworking and honest. He used to work for his master day and night. From his work he would get more than enough to live by but still he used to work more. Squirrel was promised by his master that if he works with same dedication … Read more

Live Life While You Can..! Living Life Story

Living Life Stories - Beautiful Short Story abt Life Happiness Death Wealth

Once there was a person who was very hard working and focused to earn more and more money for better life. He worked very hard and made a great career. Man was so busy with all his work that he never even got time to meet his family for long time. After long he realized … Read more

Fisherman and Tourist.. Must Read!!

Fisherman and Tourist - Short Stories About Money and Happiness

Once in a village a tourist met a fisherman on the coast. Fisherman was going home with catch he did for the day in the way tourist stopped him started talking to him. Tourist: How long it took you to catch such type of fish? Fisherman: Not very long. Tourist: Then why didn’t you stayed … Read more

What Would He do Next?

A farmer and his dog used to sit by roadside waiting for vehicals to come around. As soon as any vehical came, farmer's dog would run behind it down the road, barking and trying to overtake it. Farmer neighbour used to see this and one day out of curosity he asked farmer, "Do you think your dog is ever going to catch a car?" Farmer replied, "That's not what i am bothered about. What bothers me is what would he do if he ever caught one?" Moral: Many people in Life Behave same way Pursuing Meaningless Goals.

A farmer and his dog used to sit by roadside waiting for vehicles to come around. As soon as any vehicle came, farmer’s dog would run behind it down the road, barking and trying to overtake it. Farmer neighbor used to see this and one day out of curiosity he asked farmer, “Do you think … Read more

Story of Alfred Nobel Inspiring

Story of Nobel Prize - Best Inspirational Short Stories

About hundred of years ago, A man woke and got his newspaper from door. As he sat to read newspaper to his horror ans surprise he read his name in the obituary column. Newspaper reported the death of person himself by mistake. Firstly he got shocked but after sometime he regained his mental state to … Read more

Boy and Girl Deal – Moral Story Must Read!!

Relationship Moral Stories - Best Short Stories to Share

A Boy and Girl were playing together. The boy had a collection of Marbles and girl had some Sweets with her. Boy asked girl to give him sweet in exchange of his marbles. Girl agreed. When it came to exchange boy got greedy and kept the biggest and most beautiful marble with himself and gave … Read more

It’s Up to Us What We Chose

Short Stories with Moral - Story Good Vs Bad with Moral

An old Chief and his grandson were sitting near lake. There grandfather was trying to teach his grandson life lessons. So he told young boy, “A fight is going on inside me. A terrible fight between two wolves.” Chief continued, “One wolf is Evil, full of anger, sorrow, greed, pity and self pride. The other … Read more

Husband Wife Emotional Story!! Must Read!!

Best Story for Relationship - Husband Wife Emotional Story

It was anniversary and Ria (Wife) was waiting for her husband to show up. After some years of marriage things changed between them. Once cute couple who couldn’t live without each other now had turned bit bitter. They were now fighting over every little things, both didn’t like changes came ito their marriage. Wife was … Read more

Life is Beautiful Live it to the Fullest

Life is Beautiful Live it to the Fullest

Once upon a time in a small village lived a very wise man. He was head of local administration and was respected by all. People used to come to him at times to seek good advise on different aspects of life. But ironically his own son was lazy and nothing was there to make difference … Read more

Young Man And Little Boy Conversation..!!

Young Man N Little Boy - Short Stories on Life Experiences

About ten years ago, A very successful young man was passing by a street in neighborhood in his only two month sleek and black Jaguar. He was going much faster. He was watching kids playing there and slowed down his car as he thought he saw something. As his car passed suddenly a brick sailed … Read more

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