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Woodcutter Moral Stories - Time to Relax Think Motivational Uplifting Story

Woodcutter Story – Take Time to Think.. (Must Read)

Once upon a time, In a village lived a woodcutter. Woodcutter went to a timber merchant for a job and he got it. His pay was good and working condition was also good and because of this wood cutter wanted to do his best. Now on the first day of work his boos gave him…

Verbal Abuse Stories - Peaceful Warrior Moral Ignoring Provocation Story

Peaceful Warrior Secret to Win..

Once lived a great warrior who was quiet old but still was able to defeat any challenger. He was famous throughout the island and had many students gathered to study under him. One day a young warrior arrived at village was determined to be the first one to defeat great warrior. He had great strength…

Short Stories on Faith in God - Best Moral Stories for Life in Difficult Time

Keeping Faith in GOD..!!

Deep inside forest, A pregnant deer was about to give birth. She looked here and there and found a remote grass field near a river. She thought of it as a safe place and just the time she was about to go that way her labor pain begin.. Same moment, dark clouds gathered above and…

Short Story About Fighting with Family - Brothers Fight Solution

Solution of Brother’s Fight..!

Once in village lived two brothers who used to live on adjoining farms for last 40 years. For all these years they lived happily side by side farming, sharing machinery and trading labor and good as per need. Once they both got into conflict which started with a small misunderstanding and grew into major difference…

Learning Stories - Best Moral Stories for Ways to Learn in Life

Three Masters..!! Sufi Saint Motivational Story

Once there was a great Sufi saint. In his last days, someone asked him about his master. Saint said, “I had thousands and thousands of masters and if i even try to tell you about each of them, it will take months or years and it is too late for that. But since you asked…

99 Club Story for Adults with Moral to Live Life Fullest n Happy

What’s Meaning of 99 Club?

Once upon a time lived a King who was not happy or content despite his Luxurious lifestyle. One day, king saw a servant who was singing happily while he worked. This made king curious about servant joy. King thought to himself that he is Ruler of the Land still he is unhappy and gloomy, while…

After Marriage Stories with Life Lesson for Girls Moral Stories

A Pinch of Poison! After Marriage Moral Stories

A Pinch of Poison.. (Read till End..!!) (After Marriage Life Lesson for Girls Moral Stories ) A newly wed girl name Arti came to her new home with her husband and mother-in-law. After few days Arti felt that she can’t manage to live with her mother-in-law under same roof as Her mother-in-law was old fashioned…

Spiritual Enlightenment Stories - Material Life vs Spiritual Life

Material Life vs Spiritual Life!!

Once in a kingdom, king brought a beautiful diamond necklace for his daughter as gift but the necklace was stolen and everyone in the kingdom tried to find it out but couldn’t find it. At last king announced that who ever find necklace will be rewarded $50,000. Everyone in kingdom knew about reward. One day…

Importance of Doing Good Things - Short Stories for Motivation

What’s Solution? Motivational Story

One day for the first time, i was preparing fresh lime water. While preparing i ended up adding five time the lemon juice amount than it needed. Resulting lime water was disaster. It was so sour that no one could even take one sip of it. Now, i had to make it right anyhow. I…

Believe in God Stories - Short Moral Stories for Students

Saint Solution to Man!!

A person had to go a round a river to reach his home. it was trouble some for him to go through long way. The flow of river was to much to swim through it and man was scared to swim through it. So, he went to a Saint and told him about this situation….

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