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Action Speaks Louder Than Words Story - Sweet Eating Habit Story With Lesson

Action Speak Louder than Words..!!

Once there was a little boy became obsessed with eating sweets. His mother got worried because of his excessive sweet eating habit and tried many ways to stop him from eating. However nothing seemed to work. Near near village lived a wise man who was respected by everyone. So she decided to take him to…

Friendship Moral Stories - Think Twice Before Trusting Someone Story with Lesson

Friendship Moral Story – Trust..!

Once in a town lived a rich man. He had very successful business. He met a man who used to visit to his shop daily. With time they became friends. One day rich man had to go out of town with his family. He was worried about his money kept in house. He talked to…

Karma Short Stories - Why we Suffer Interesting Deep Meaning Story for Adults

Karma Stories – Why do We Suffer?

The fruit of the unknown Karma…? Long time ago, a King invited Brahmans for Bhoj (feast). Bhoj was organized on large scale so the kitchen was set up outside in open area of palace. On day of Bhoj while Cook was preparing food for Brahmans, an eagle flew over that kitchen with a snake clutched…

Karna Krishna Stories - Choosing Right vs Wrong Mahabharta Stories in English

Karna Krishna Conversation – Right or Wrong

Once Karna met Shri Krishna and said, “My mother left me moment i was born, was it my fault that i was born a illegitimate child? I didn’t got education from Dhronacharya just because i was considered a non- kshatriya and then when i was able to learn from Lord Parshurama, he gave me curse…

Motivational Story - Fish and Monkey Story to Teach Lesson for Better Life

Fish and Monkey Comparison! Motivational

One day while fish was swimming closer to river bank it heard a voice saying, “How is the water??” Fish raised her head upward to see that there was monkey sitting on on tree. Fish smiled and replied, “Water is nice and warm.” Monkey felt little jealous and wanted to put fish down. He replied,…

Appreciating Things Stories - Beautiful Horns or Ugly Legs Lesson for Life

Beautiful Horns..!!

Once a thirsty Stag was roaming around in the forest in search of water. After a while he found a clear water lake. Stag went to lake and drank water. After drinking water while looking in water he saw his own reflection. In reflection he saw his beautiful horns. He was so happy to see…

Thinking Wisely Stories - Dandelions Problem Story

Thinking Wisely Stories..

Story 1: Taking Care..!! Once in an acrobats show, there was a little girl and young women. They used to perform in pair. Young lady would teach tricks to girl and little girl would learn them obediently from her. In show, their act consisted of young lady balancing a pole in her hand and little…

Secret of Happiness Stories - Wise Man Advice to Young Man Moral Story

Wise Man Advice – Secret of Happiness!!

Once an old man wanted his son to learn about secret of happiness so he sent his son far away to meet a man who was known for being wisest man. Son obeyed his father. It took him weeks to reach that place. There young man saw a very big and beautiful castle on mountain…

Short Stories about Repentance - Monk and Prostitute Story about Sin

Tears of Repentance..! Monk Story

Once a monk liver near a river. Just across street lived a lady alone in her home. Monk noticed that larger number of men visited her and due to this monk decided to speak to her. One day when lady was returning home, monk met her in way and said, “You are a great sinner….

Nasrudin and His Donkey Story - Moral Story about Pleasing Everyone

Nasrudin and His Donkey Story..!

Once Nasrudin and his son set out to market with their donkey walking beside them. On their way they passed by a bunch of people. Nasrudin heard some of them commenting, “Man has donkey which his son could ride easily and yet he is making his son walk all the way to market..” Hearing this…