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Banana Experiment - Five Monkeys in Cage Story to Make You Think

Banana Experiment – Five Monkeys in Cage

Once a experiment was done which started with a cage. Inside cage, a banana was hung on string and a set of stairs was placed under it. Soon, five monkeys were bought and were entered into cage and locked. Before long, seeing banana, a monkey started to go to stairs, to climb and take the…

Sculptor Reply - Excellence in Work Inspirational Story

Best Moral Stories – Excellence in Work and Honesty Story

Story 1: Sculptor Reply..! – Excellence in Work Once a man visited a temple under construction in India. There he saw a sculptor making an Idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying near by. Surprised he asked to sculptor, “Do you need two statues of same idol?” Without even looking up, busy…

King Order to Three Minister Story - Always Do Good Moral Story

King Order to Three Minister Story

Once a King called his three ministers and gave a bag to each of them and said, “Go to forest and fill up the bag with fruits and bring it back another day.” First minister was honest and hardworking. He thought that it was King’s order so he did his best and filled bag by…

Vikram Sarabhai and Young Man Story - Real Life Incident

Vikram Sarabhai and Young Man Story

Once near Trivandrum seashore, an Elderly gentleman was reading Bhagavad Gita. At that time, a talented atheist young man came and took seat by side of that gentleman. Seeing elderly reading a religious book, young man taunted by saying, “In age of science, only foolish people prefer to read old-fashioned books like Bhagavad Gita. If…

Hunter and Sage Story - Aways Speak Truth Life Lesson

Hunter and Sage Story

Once upon a time, a sage was living in forest. He was famous for strictly following his policy of always speaking truth. One day, Sage was teaching his disciples about importance of truth. He said, “We should always tell truth, no matter how difficult situation is.” Suddenly a deer came running towards him. Deer bowed…

Three pieces of Advice instead of Money - Man Wise Choice

Three Pieces of Advice – Man’s Wise Choice

Once a young newly wedded couple lived in a small farm. They were poor and there were not any job around for man to do. So one day, husband said to his wife, “My love, For work i have to leave house and travel far away to get a job so that i can earn…

Envy Short Stories - Two Bulls and Pig Short Moral Story about Jealousy

Two Bulls and Pig – Envy Story

Once upon a time, In a farm lived two bulls. They used to work hard ploughing fields, pulling loads and bullock cart on road. One day they saw that a farmer bought a baby pig with him and started to take care of him. Farmer used to fed pig with large amount of very best…

Hypocrisy Stories - Hypocrite People and Buddha's Wisdom Moral Story

Buddha’s Wisdom – People Hypocrisy Story

Buddha was traveling from place to place. Once he decided to stop in a village for few days. Soon, people came to know about him and started to go to him to get his blessings. Some people would go to him to ask solution of their problems. One day, a woman came to him and…

Deer Story - Gardener Plan to Trap Deer n Danger of Addiciton Moral Story

Danger of Addiction – Deer Story

Once upon a time, There was a gardener who looked after King’s pleasure garden. Garden was beautiful and sometimes animals from near by forest would come to garden. King had instructed gardener that if he sees any strange or rare animal in garden then he should at once inform King about it. One day, gardener…

King Questions Story - Hermits Wise Answer Moral Story for Better Life

King Questions.. Hermit Answer..

Once in a kingdom, lived a hermit in forest. Hermit was famous for his wisdom and people would come to him for help. One day, King dressed in simple clothes went to forest, to meet hermit. When King reached at hermit’s place, he saw that hermit was digging a hole in front of his hut….