Story of Watermelon.! (Must Read)

Story of Watermelon - Best Moral Story about Life Learning and Education

Once there lived a boy in a village of Parra in Goa which was famous for its watermelons. Every year farmers would organize a watermelon eating contest at the end of every harvest season in May. Farmers used to invite kids from all over village to participate in the contest. Farmer would keep best watermelons … Read more

Three Masters..!! Sufi Saint Motivational Story

Learning Stories - Best Moral Stories for Ways to Learn in Life

Once there was a great Sufi saint. In his last days, someone asked him about his master. Saint said, “I had thousands and thousands of masters and if i even try to tell you about each of them, it will take months or years and it is too late for that. But since you asked … Read more

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