Child Want to Fit Ocean in a Cup! Deep Meaning Story

Child Want to Fit Ocean in a Cup! Deep Meaning Story

A saint was strolling on the beach. Seeing a child crying on sea shore, saint went near that child and lovingly asked him, “Son, why are you crying?” Showing a cup in his hand, boy said, “I want to fill the ocean in this cup in my hand but it doesn’t fit in my cup.” … Read more

Quality of Bamboo – Saint Teaching to Disciple

Quality of Bamboo - Saint Teaching to Disciple

A Saint was going into forest with his disciple. While passing through a slope, disciple foot slipped and he started slipping downwards rapidly. He was about to fall into a ditch, when suddenly he caught on to a bamboo plant firmly. Because of that he was saved from falling into ditch. Bamboo which disciple was … Read more

Competition to Climb Tree – Frog Story about Others Comment

Competition to Climb Tree - Frog Story about Others Comment

Once upon a time, many frogs lived in a pond. Among those frogs there was a King. One day King frog decided do to a competition. There was tree in a pond. King frog said, “Whoever climbs this tree will be called victorious.” This competition was accepted by all frogs and competition was organised the … Read more

Knowledge vs Knowing – Ouspensky and Gurdjieff

Knowledge vs Knowing - Ouspensky and Gurdjieff Story

Ouspensky was marvelous thinker from Russia who was very famous for books he had written. Once Osupensky visited Gurdjieff who was a saint and said to him, “I want to put some question to you.” Gurdjieff handed him a blank piece of paper and said, “Before we talk, i want you to write down all … Read more

Pigeon’s Nest – Story to Teach Kids about Learning Sincerely

Pigeon's Nest - Moral Story for Kids about Learning Sincerely

Once a couple of pigeons started living on a tree in a forest. After sometime, pigeon laid three eggs on branch of tree. One day, couple went out in search of food, leaving there eggs behind. When pigeons came back, they saw that there eggs were not there. They searched and asked around, they came … Read more

Old Artist Learning – Never Give Up Story

Never Give Up Story - Old Artist Persistance n Learning New Thing Story

Once lived a skilled artist named Shikaki. With his expertise and interest, he made an beautiful ink pot to present it to the King. Seeing that beautiful ink pot, he expected that King would encourage him and appreciate his skill as far as possible. With countless hopes and desire, he presented that ink pot to … Read more

Woman Reply to Chanakya..!

Chanakya Stories - Learning from Mistakes Interesting Story Anicent Indian

Chanakya was insulted at King Nanda’s kingdom and he wanted to take revenge for his insult. Soon, he meet a child name Chandragupta who was bright. Chanakya started to teach him. He collected enough money to raise an army for Chandragupta. He taught them about battle strategies and taught Chandragupta all about rights and duties … Read more

Crab and Crane Story

Crane and Crab Story with Moral in English - Story of Trickery n Deception

Once upon a time, lived an old crane near a small pond which was full of small fishes. Crane was in habit of picking fishes with his beak and eat them. With age it was becoming difficult for him to catch fishes. Due to drought, water level in pond became lower and still it wasn’t … Read more

Moral Story for Kids – Boy who Always Won..!!

Moral Stories for Kids - Learning is More Important than Winning Story

Once in a city lived a boy Steve who loved to play video games. He was good at playing games yet he became expert in all kind of tricks and cheating because he couldn’t stand losing to anyone. He became so expert at cheating that he could play practically win any game by cheating without … Read more

God is Watching You..!!

God is Watching You Story - Never Do Wrong Stories for Kids with Moral

Once two men came to Sage who used to live in forest inside a small hut. They requested him to allow them to be his students. Sage asked them to come next day. Next day when they came, Sage was holding two birds in his hands. He asked them to hold on to birds. Both … Read more

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