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22 Interesting Fun Facts about Exercising to Motivate You

22 Interesting Fun Facts about Exercising

People who don’t Regularly Exercise may lose up to 80% of their Muscle Strength by age 65. During Physical activity, you Breathe more to Keep Oxygen levels in your Blood at appropriate levels. People who Cross-train are Less prone to Injury than People who do the Same type of Exercise regularly. Fat and Muscle are…

18 Festive and Interesting Facts about Christmas

18 Festive Facts about Christmas

Christmas celebrations occur All over the World, Although the day on which it is Celebrated varies, as well as the Decorations, Food and Customs.   Here is our List of Interesting Facts about Christmas. The Christmas Wreath was originally Hung as a symbol of Jesus. The Holly represents his Crown of Thorns and the Red…

16 Must Read Interesting Facts about Four Vedas

16 Interesting Facts about Vedas

Oldest Knowledge to Humankind: Vedas are considered the Sacred Knowledge. There are Four major Vedas: Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda. Here are Some Interesting Facts about Vedas. Vedas are written in Vedic Sanskrit which is Mother of all Languages of the World. Veda Knowledge was only Transmitted Orally for a Period of hundred years and…

18 Amazing and Interesting Facts about Sound

18 Interesting Facts about Sound

Sound can’t travel through a Vacuum. There is No sound in Space because there is No object for sound to travel through. The Scientific study of Sound waves is known as Acoustics. The Loud noise you create by Cracking a Whip occurs because the Tip is moving so Fast it breaks the Speed of Sound….

20 Easy to Understand Body Language Facts to Learn

20 Easy to Understand Body Language Facts

Official name for Body Language is Kinesics. Eight of the most common Lying Gestures include 1. Mouth cover; 2. Nose touch; 3. Incongruous nodding; 4. Eye rub; 5. Ear grab; 6 Neck scratch; 7. Collar pull; 8 Fingers in the mouth. Most Negative Offensive gesture is Finger pointing. Both Males and Females find people with…

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