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King Order and Minister Advice - It's Way We Think

King Order and Minister Advice – It’s Way We Think

Once in a kingdom, a person became famous for his face being very wretched (ill omen/ unlucky for people around them). People complained about him to their King. King didn’t believed it, so he decided to check it for himself. One day, King called that person in his palace and gave him a place to…

Heads to Sell - King Advice to Minister

Heads to Sell – Story about False Pride

Once a kingdom was ruled by mighty King who was a skilled warrior and was victorious in every battle. Kings of neighboring states also believed in his bravery. Once he was returning to his city after winning a war. His minister and soldiers were with him. On the way, King saw a Buddhist monk sitting…

Bothered by Servant Looks - King and Minister Story

Bothered by Servant Looks – King and Minister Story

Once a King needed a servant. next day, his minister presented a person who would be worthy to work for King. That man started to work as personal attendant of King. One day, King said to minister, “Although this man is good at his work but his appearance is not good.” Minister found his words…

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