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17 Best David Beckham Quotes - Inspirational Quotes by Sports Person

17 Best David Beckham Quotes

David Beckham is an English retired Professional footballer. He is the first English player to win League titles in Four Countries: England, Spain, the United States and France. He announced his Retirement in May 2013 after a 20-year career, during which he Won 19 Major Trophies.   The only Time you Run out of Chances…

29 Muhammad Ali Best Quotes to Motivate You for Success in Life

Muhammad Ali Best Quotes

Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count. It’s not Bragging, if you can Back it up. Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee. What you are Thinking, is What you are Becoming. Silence is Golden when you can’t Think of a Good answer. A Man who has No Imagination, has No Wings. Wisdom…

10 Most Inpsiring Steve Jobs Quotes - Work n Success Bussiness Quotes

10 Most Inspiring Thoughts by Steve Jobs

When you First start off trying to Solve a Problem, the First solutions you come up with are very Complex and Most people Stop there. But if you Keep going and Live with the Problem and Peel more layers of the onion off, You can often times Arrive at some very Elegant and Simple solutions….

Bill Gates Quotes on Business and Technology Software Quotes

Bill Gates Quotes on Business

Bill Gates is known for Being the Chief Executive and Chairman of Microsoft, the World’s Largest and most popular Personal-Computer Software Company.   In Business, the Idea of Measuring what you are doing, Picking the Measurements that Count like Customer Satisfaction and Performance… You Thrive on That. Business people need to Shake off the Notion…

24 Bill Gates Quotes - Customer Philanthropy Life n Motivational Quotes

24 Bill Gates Quotes to Motivate

Born on October 28, 1955, Bill Gates is considered as one of the most Influential People today. A Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, One of the two people that Founded and Built Microsoft, the World’s biggest Software Business.   #Motivational Don’t Compare yourself with Anyone in this World, If you do so, you are Insulting Yourself. If you…

Vivekananda Quotes - Work and Success Motivational Quotes for Students

23 Swami Vivekananda Quotes

#Golden Words Talk to Yourself Once in a Day… Otherwise you may Miss meeting an Excellent Person in this World. Be Grateful to the Man you help, think of Him as God. It is not a Great Privilege to be allowed to Worship God by Helping our Fellow men. 3 Golden rules!! Who is Helping…

Motivational Bejanmin Carson Quotes about Believe in God Success

Benjamin Carson Quotes

Ben Carson is an American Neurosurgeon and Politician. Carson has performed several path breaking Surgical procedures during his illustrious career like that of separating Siamese twins. As a leading surgeon and political thinker, he has written a Number of books.   # Believe in God God has an overall plan for people’s lives and the…

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