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Clever Old Lady Bet with Bank Manager Funny Story

Clever Old Lady Bet with Bank Manager!

Once an old lady came to biggest bank of city and said that she wanted to deposit some money in the bank. When staff asked how much, old lady replied that she wanted to deposit around 10lakhs but asked to meet bank manager before depositing her money. Manager came cleared her queries. Then while talking…

Cunning Landlord and His Servant - Funny Interesting Reply

Cunning Landlord and His Servant

Once a farmer bought a roasted chicken and a bottle of fresh fruit juice as gift to his landlord. Landlord wanted to send these things to his home, so he called his servant. Landlord was cunning and didn’t want his servant to know about food. So while giving him those things he said, “Take these…

Nasrudin Hoja Witty Stories - Mulla Nasruddin Stories for Kids Funny Eng

Nasrudin Witty Reply Stories

Story 1: Hurried Prayer..!! Once Nasrudin was in a rush and quickly went to Mosque for evening prayer and prayed in a hurry and was gonna leave. As he was gonna leave one of the religious leader stopped him. Religious leader said, “This is not right way to offer prayer to God. You should start…

Engineer vs Manager Funny Hot Air Balloon Story - Management Joke

Engineer Vs Manager..!!

Once a man was flying high in hot air balloon and realized that he is lost. He reduced height of his hot air balloon to see if he can find someone. At a distance he saw a man down below. Seeing that man, he lowered his balloon more near the ground level and shouted, “Excuse…

Very Funny Short Stories - Monks Secret and Traveler Curiosity Interesting

Secret Behind the Door!! Monk and Traveler Story

It was night time, a man was driving down the road and his car breaks down near monastery. Because of night time he goes to monastery and knocks on door. As monk came outside and open the door, man says, “My car broke down. Can i stay here for a night?” Monk accepted his request….

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