Three Friends and Saint – Story about Giving

Three Friends and Saint - Story about Giving

Three friends were having food in Bhandara. (Bhandara service in Hindu Dharma, is the special free of cost meal, served to the devotees present in the Temple.) While eating food, first friend said, “I wish, i too could do such Bhandara..” Second said, “Yes friend, but our salary is not even enough to meet our … Read more

Three Friends Desire n Dilemma – Saint Suggestion

Friends Desire n Dilemma - Saint Suggestion abt Bhandara

Once three friends were having food at a Bhandara (free meal served to the people). While eating there.. First friend said, “I wish, to be able to organize such a Bhandara.” Second friend said, “Yes.. but even before we get our salary, there are long list of bill pending needed to be paid.. how can … Read more

Is there a Person who is Great but Not Famous?

Is there a Person who is Great but Not Famous - King and Scholar

One day, King came to meet a scholar and asked, “Is there such a person in this world who is great but people of world don’t know about him?” Scholar smiled and politely replied to King, “We do know most of great people of the world. There are many people in the world who are … Read more

Way to be Happy Always

How to be Happy Always - How to Make Peace with Yourself Short Story

In a small village lived a man name Ram who was kind and always happy. He used to smile always and had kind and encouraging words to say, whenever it was necessary. Everyone who met him, left feeling better and happier and elated. One of his neighbor always saw him. He saw that lots of … Read more

Two Beautiful Short Stories about Life..!!

Heart Touching Stories - Short Moral Stories to Learn about Joy of Giving

Story 1: Rich Lady and Little Kid..!! On a very cold day, a little boy was standing outside a shoe store, barefooted.. He was shivering with cold and was looking through window at the shoes. A rich lady came out of that store. While waiting for ride she saw that little boy. She approached him … Read more

Letter from God..! Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Short Stories With Moral - Best Story About Joy of Giving

Once a lady got a letter. She looked at envelope and saw that there was no stamp and no postmark, it had only her name and address. She opened it. She read the letter, “Dear Rose, I will be coming to your neighborhood this afternoon and would like to pay a visit to you. Love … Read more

Finding Happiness in Little Things..!

Finding Happiness in Little Things - Rich Lady and Psychiatrist Short Story

Once a rich lady complained to his psychiatrist, “I feel like my whole life is empty and it has no meaning.” Listening to this her psychiatrist called over an old lady in his office. He then introduced that old lady to rich lady. Psychiatrist said, “She is Mary, lady who cleaned office floors. I am … Read more

Value of Sharing..!!

Value of Sharing and Caring Best Moral Stories for All in English to Share

Once in a town lived a very greedy rich man. Rich man ordered to build a big safe and he wanted to fill it will gold and jewels. So, one day he hired a mathematician to find the best way for him to make the greatest profit in everything he did. Mathematician studied for months … Read more

Two Brothers Story – Heart Touching

Short Stories about Brothers - Heart Touching Inspirational Family Stories

Once in a village lived two brothers who inherited their father’s land. Land was divided between two of them equally and now both of them had separate area for farming. As time passed, Older brother got married, had children while younger brother never got married and was still single. One night younger brother thought to … Read more

Joy of Giving – Farmer’s Reaction..!

Joy of Giving Short Stories - Best Moral and Inspirational Stories for Kids

Once a teacher and his student went out for a walk. After walking a while they reached a farm where student saw a pair of old torn shoes which seemed to be belonged to poor farmer who was just preparing to get back to his home after a whole day of hard work. Seeing this … Read more

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