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Who is My Neighbor Man Question to Jesus - Parable Good Samritan

Who is My Neighbor? – Man Question to Jesus

One day, a man asked Jesus, “What must i do to go to Heaven?” Jesus replied, “What do the scriptures say?” “Love thy God with all your heart, mind and body and love your neighbor as yourself.“, replied man. Jesus said, “Right. You have answered correctly. Do this and you will be able to go…

Trust in God Stories - Dont Lose Hope in Difficult Times Best Moral Stories

God Stories – Footprints on Beach.!

One night a man saw a dream. In his dream he was walking beside God on the beach. After walking some distance man and God stopped and rested for a while. Mean while man saw that all the scene from his life were flashing in the sky and just below them on the beach he…

Heart Touching Short Stories With Moral - Best Story About Joy of Giving

Letter from God..! Heart Touching Story

Once a lady got a letter. She looked at envelope and saw that there was no stamp and no postmark, it had only her name and address. She opened it. She read the letter, “Dear Rose, I will be coming to your neighborhood this afternoon and would like to pay a visit to you. Love…

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