Poor Farmer and Old Man Story – Jealous of Others!

Poor Farmer and Old Man Story - Jealousy of Others!

Long ago, loved a poor farmer in a village. He was poor and was always short of money. His neighbors and relatives were well off and he was jealous of them and because of this he didn’t get along with them. He had small farm in which he grew some vegetables to feed himself and … Read more

Only Tailor Shop in Village – Jealousy and Anger

Only Tailor Shop in Village - Jealousy and Anger

Once in a village lived a tailor named Suresh who was only tailor of village, all the people of the village used to come to him to get their clothes stitched. He used to earn a lot. Suresh knew that villagers had no option but to come to him for clothes and became arrogant. If … Read more

Bag of Potatoes – Burden of Jealousy or Envy!

Bag of Potatoes - Burden of Jealousy or Envy!

Once a Guru called all his disciples and said, “Bring a bag of potatoes with you when you all come to discourse tomorrow but remember that each potato you bring should have the name on them of the person whom you envy. Disciples who envy many people bought as many potatoes with them.” Next day, … Read more

Two Bulls and Pig – Envy Story

Envy Short Stories - Two Bulls and Pig Short Moral Story about Jealousy

Once upon a time, In a farm lived two bulls. They used to work hard ploughing fields, pulling loads and bullock cart on road. One day they saw that a farmer bought a baby pig with him and started to take care of him. Farmer used to fed pig with large amount of very best … Read more

Farmer Goodness Story

Stories of Goodness - Inspirational Moral Story abt Doing Good to Others

Once upon a time, in a village lived a farmer who was very kind and good nature. His name was Shankar. He lived in hut with his wife and children. He had a small piece of land and earned money by selling whatever crops he could produce on this land. Shankar was kind and used … Read more

How to Overcome Jealousy..?

How to Overcome Jealousy in Friendship - Best Moral Story fr School Kids

Once there were two good friends Arun and Karan. They were classmates since kindergarden. Arun was always ahead of Karan in all fields be it studies or sports or any extra curricular activities. Arun was always selected to perform in all school programs and was famous throughout school. Karan would endeavor to out-do Arun each … Read more

Jealousy and Cheating – Friends Moral Story

Cheating Moral Stories - Never Try to Cheat Others Moral Lesson for Kids

Once a poor boy Rohit got employed in a diamond shop. He used to live his mother and was very hard working and honest person. This impressed his employer and with in year boy got double raise in his salary. One day his childhood friend Anuj came to visit him from his village. While Rohit … Read more

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