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Fire or Wind Wrapped in Paper - Tricky Gifts Story Japanese Folktales

Fire or Wind Wrapped in Paper..! – Tricky Gifts Story

Once in a Japanese village, lived an old man with his two sons. Old man always wanted to have daughters. He waited eagerly for his sons to grow up so that he can get them married. At last, both his son got married. Old man was affectionate towards both his daughter-in-laws and girls loved and…

Monkey King and Water Demon - Be Attentive to Surroundings

Monkey King and Water Demon – Be Attentive to Surroundings

Once upon a time, in deep forest, lived a large group of monkeys. They had a King who big and wise. King had advised all monkeys, “There are many poisonous fruits in this forest and ponds are possessed by demons. So if any of you see any unusual fruit or unknown pond then don’t eat…

Tongue Cut Sparrow - Japanese Folktales abt Greed

Tongue Cut Sparrow and Greedy Old Woman

Once upon a time, lived a an old couple. Old man was kind hearted. He had kept a young sparrow, which he tenderly nurtured. Where as old woman was cross-grained old thing and didn’t liked sparrow and always treated it badly. One day, When sparrow had pecked at some paste with which old woman was…

Stonecutter and his Wishes - Japanese Folktales about Desires

The Stonecutter and his Wishes..!

Once upon a time, lived a stonecutter, who would go to big mountain everyday and cut out slabs for houses. He was a very careful workman and had plenty of customers. For long he was happy and content. In mountains dwelt a spirit which appeared to stonecutter and asked him if he want anything. At…

Japanese Folktales - Woodcutter and Priest Story about Work and Pray

Woodcutter and Priest – Japanese Folktale

Many years ago, there lived a woodcutter. He was a giant stature and lived with his wife and children. One day, a woodcutter meet a priest. Priest talked to him and then said, “I am afraid you never pray. You should find time from your work to pray to God.” Woodcutter replied, “If you had…

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