Zen Master Story – Salt in Lake.!

Zen Master Short Stories - Way to Live Happy Life Moral Stories in English

Once a young man was very unhappy with his life. He felt depressed and terrible all the time. He got to know about a zen master in near by town. One day he decided to visit master and ask for solution. Young man went to him and said, “I have so many problems in life … Read more

Tips for Better Life.! Motivational

Best Advice for Better Life - Practical and Motivational Tips for Social Life

21 Practical and Motivational Advice’s for Better Life..!! 1. Think twice before Burdening a friend with a Secret. 2. Beware of the person who has nothing to Lose. 3. Never waste an Opportunity to tell someone you Love them. 4. When someone Hugs you, Let them be the first to let go. 5. Take charge … Read more

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