Rumi Stories about Questions of Life

Rumi Teaching Stories about Questions in Life

Story 1: Rumi and Scholar at River Bank..! Once Rumi and a scholar was standing on bank of a river, where suddenly he spotted a fur coat floating downstream in middle of current. Seeing that fur coat, Rumi hollered over to scholar, “Hey man, there is a fur coat floating in middle of river. See. … Read more

Sufi Mystic Prayer and Disciple Question!

Sufi Mystic Prayer and Disciple Question - Always Trust God Learning for Life

Long ago, there lived a Sufi mystic, who used to say everyday in his prayers – Thank you God for all that you go on doing for me. How can i repay? I feel so grateful. Once he was traveling far and it happened that for continues three days, he was refused shelter by people … Read more

Dervish Lost in Desert Story

Dervish Stories - Sufi Saint Inspirational Best Short Interesting Moral Story

Once there was a wandering dervish (members of a Sufi fraternity) was lost in desert and was starving. He had nothing with him. As he was walking along an old pathway in desert, in search of something to eat, he found an empty sack that had been thrown there on road by previous passer by. … Read more

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