Angry Man Act and Buddha Teaching Story

Angry Man Act and Buddha Teaching Story

While traveling, Buddha reached a village. There crowd of people gathered to listen to his discourse. In discourse, Buddha was teaching people about tolerance and forgiveness. He said, “Anger is fire, which not only burn others but will also burn oneself to ashes. So renounce anger and be forgiving.” An angry person was also sitting … Read more

Buddha Sleeping – Disciple Question

Buddha Sleeping Position - Disciple Question

Just nearby, in the Ajanta caves, in the last cave there is a sculpture of Gautam Buddha sleeping. That pose has become known as the “Lion’s pose” because the lion also sleeps on its side without moving. When Gautum Buddha was alive, he used to sleep in same posture, whole night. He wouldn’t move from … Read more

Angulimala Enlightenment Story – Buddha Teaching

Angulimala Enlightenment Story - Buddha Teaching

Long ago, there was man who was a mad murderer. He had taken vow that he would kill one thousand people. Because society hadn’t treated him well, He had decided to take revenge on society by killing one thousand man and from every person killed he would take one finger and make a rosary around … Read more

Buddha and Criminal – Life Transformation Story

Life Transformation Stories - Desire and Intensity to Change Life Story

Once a man who was a well known criminal, sinner. One day he decided to go meet Buddha. He wanted to be initiated and wanted Buddha’s help but he was afraid people might not allow him to enter at his place. So, he decided to go at such time when there were not too many … Read more

Blind Man and His Friends Argument – Buddha’s Teaching

Buddha Teaching Story - Blind man and His Friends Argument Short Story

Once Buddha was visiting a small village. There people got to know about his visit and started to come to him about their problems. One day, some people brought a blind man to him and said, “He is blind. We are his closest friends. We told him about light but he is not ready to … Read more

Buddha and Philosopher – Power of Silence

Power of Silence Story - Buddha and Philosopher Spiritual Enlightenment

Once a great philosopher came to Buddha. He had lot of questions to ask. He came to Buddha and started asking questions to him. Buddha listened to him and said, “Do you really want answer? If you really want it, can you pay the price?” Philosopher replied, “My whole life, i have been searching for … Read more

Buddha’s Wisdom (Must Read)

Buddha Wisdom Stories - Inner Calmness vs Anger Short Moral Story

Once Buddha was sitting under a tree. A man came to him and started abusing him. After abusing Buddha that man stood there waiting for some Buddha’s response or reaction but to his surprise there wasn’t even slightest change in Buddha’s expression. Man got more angry and used more insulting words to insult Buddha. Still … Read more

Way to Calm Mind..!!

Buddhist Stories of Wisdom - How to Calm Disturbed Mind Short Stories

Once Buddha with his followers was traveling from one town to another town. While traveling they walked by a lake. After some time they all stopped to rest. After all settled down one of his disciples asked him, “How can we calm mind when we have disturbing thoughts??” Buddha was sitting under tree and said … Read more

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