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The Window Story for Inspiration - Moral Stories for Students

The Window Story for Inspiration

It’s story of two men who were both seriously ill and occupied same room at hospital. One man was next to room’s only window and allowed to get only for one hour to sit up during his treatment of lungs. Other man had to spend all day lying flat on his back. Both men talked…

Trust in God Must Share Best Inspirational Story

Trust in God.. Must Share Best Inspirational Story

A man who just got married was returning home with his wife. As they were on their way back to home crossing a lake in boat, suddenly a great storm arose. The man was warrior and calm but his wife was very much afraid. She seemed almost hopeless. The boat on which they both were…


Father and Son in the Train Story..!!

A father and son were traveling by train. Boy was 24years old. The boy was really excited and was looking out of window. Suddenly he shouted, “Dad look trees are going behind..” His dad smiled. There was a young couple sitting near by them. When they saw the childish behavior of boy they felt weird…

It's Story of Little boy - Beautiful Short Story About Life

It’s Story of Little boy who Wanted to meet God

It’s Story of Little boy who Wanted to meet God. So, He packed his suitcase with Twinkies and Juice for his long trip to meet God and started his journey. About three blocks away he saw a long-haired, beard biker sitting by his motorcycle in park relaxing amongst nature. Boy sat down next to that…

Spiritual Inspirational Short Stories - Best Stories for Life

Divinity Lies Within Us..!!

According to Hindi Legend, Once there was time when every human being were GOD but they abused their divinity. So, one day Brahma(Creator) decided to take back divinity from Humans and decided to Hide it some place where humans could never find it. To do this Brahma called meeting of all Gods to decide about…

Brooklyn Bridge Inspirational Story - Moral Stories

Brooklyn Bridge Inspirational Story

It’s story of a creative engineer named John Roebling who build the Brooklyn Bridge in New York despite of all the rejections and circumstances he had to face. In 1883, Engineer John Roebling had an creative idea to build a spectacular bridge to connect New york with Long Islands. He presented his idea to experts…

Story of Ekalavya And Dronacharya in English - Motivational

Story of Ekalavya And Dronacharya

Long-era ago, In India lived a boy named Eklavya, son of tribal chief in the forest of kingdom Hastinapur. Eklavya was brave and handsome boy who was loved by all. His father saw that something was troubling him. Many times he saw his son lost in deep thought and other boys used to play and…

Story of The Praying Hands Painting - Heart Touching Story

Story of The Praying Hands Painting

In fifteenth century, There was a tiny village near Nuremberg. A family with 18 children lived there. Eighteen!! just to provide food for family the father and head of family, goldsmith by profession, worked eighteen hours a day. Despite their seemingly hopeless condition. Two of Albrecht Durer and Albert the elder children had a dream….

Bad Habits Short Story - Best Motivational Stories for Kids

Bad Habit Short Story – Motivational

An Old scholar got a request from a wealthy man to wean his son away from his bad habits. Scholar accepted man’s request and went to see his son. The scholar took boy for a stroll through garden. Suddenly scholar stopped and asked boy to pull out a tiny paint growing there. Obeying him boy…

Man Nature And Cat Instinct - Moral Values Short Stories

True Caring Nature..!!

One day in forest, an old man was roaming around was he saw a little cat struck in a hole. He saw that it was struggling to get out of it very hard but still wasn’t able to get out. So old man thought of helping it and gave a hand to get him out…

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