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Inspirational Stories - Organ Donation Save Lives Heart Touching Message

Organ Donation – Inspiring Story

One of the most powerful rich man in Brazil made a announcement. He announced that he will be burying his million dollar rare Bentley car in the ground so that he could he could drive it even in his after life. This received a lot of media attention and some even criticized him for wasting…

Creative Thinking Stories - Choice of Words Short Story

Creative Thinking..!!

Story 1: Card board Sign..!! Once a young man was passing by a street where he saw an old man sitting on road side begging for money. That old man was sitting there with an empty bowl in kept in front of him and a card board sign was kept beside that empty bowl. On…

Stories about Encouraging Others - Destiny Short Moral Inspirational Story

Encouraging Others – Battle Story

Once upon a time, A battle was going on in Japan. One army was greatly outnumbered by army men of enemy. General of army with small number of soldier was confident that they could win that battle and decided to launch an attack. He called upon his lieutenant and asked him to prepare soldiers for…

Swami Vivekananda Motivational Stories - Face Your Problem Short Story

Motivational Stories from Vivekananda..!!

Story 1: Face your Fear..!! One day, Swami Vivekananda was returning from temple of Ma Durga. Path was very narrow as on one side it was covered by large water tank and on other side there was a high wall. On the path Swami Vivekananda saw a number of monkeys and those monkeys were not…

Moral Stories on Never Lose Hope - Short Stories abt Destiny n Hardwork

Never Lose Hope..!!

Once a middle aged man lost his job and was looking for a job to support his living. In newspaper he found that a job of “Office Boy” is available. He needed a job badly so he applied for post of “office boy” at a very big firm. Next day he was called for interview….

Short Stories on Confidence - Thomas Alva Edison Life Story Inspirational

Thomas Edison’s Inspiring Short Stories..!!

Story 1: Fear of Losing Confidence.!! When Thomas Alva Edison successfully invented light bulb all this assistants were happy. As he had experimented around 1000 times before getting success in his attempt to invent light bulb. Edison called office boy and asked him to test that bulb. Being just a office boy, he was very…

Heart Touching Stories - Short Moral Stories to Learn about Joy of Giving

Two Beautiful Short Stories about Life..!!

Story 1: Rich Lady and Little Kid..!! On a very cold day, a little boy was standing outside a shoe store, barefooted.. He was shivering with cold and was looking through window at the shoes. A rich lady came out of that store. While waiting for ride she saw that little boy. She approached him…

Think Wisely Moral Stories - Wisdom Short Stories about Problems in Life

Monk and Wealthy Man Story – Change Your Vision..!!

Once there was very wealthy man who was suffering from severe eye pain. He consulted many doctors and tried their treatments but nothing helped. Even after consuming so many drugs to treat his eye, he still suffered from pain and that pain in eye persisted more than before. At last, he heard about a monk…

Positive Attitude Stories - Stories to Motivate Yourself, Choices in Life Story

Importance of Positive Attitude in Life..!

Once in a telecommunication company worked a guy Michael. He was the kind of guy who always used to be in good mood. He was like natural motivator. He was always there there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation. One day one of the co-employee Sam went up…

Inspirational Short Stories - Best Moral Stories About Hatred and Choice

Dragon of Light or Darkness? Inspirational

Once in dragon land, there was a young dragon name Brad. There was a tradition in dragon land that dragons would have to chose his side and become either a dragon of light or darkness. When time comes each dragon had to chose his side and join army. All dragons would chose his side and…

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