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Old Postman and Little Girl Heart Touching Story

Old Postman and Little Girl Heart Touching Story

One day an elderly postman knocked on door of a house and said, “Take the letter..” As soon as he said this, a little girl’s voice echoed from inside, “I am coming now.. please wait.” But even after 5 minutes no one came. Postman again said, “Is there anyone tho take your letter? I have…

Reason Blacksmith Refused Merchant Offer

Reason Blacksmith Refused Merchant Offer

Once upon a time, there was a carpenter who used to work for a merchant in a distant city. One day while working his saw broke. Carpenter needed to get a new saw as soon as possible. So he went to a near by village and looked for a blacksmith. Carpenter came to know that…

Guru Ji Test for Disciples - Utilizing Resources

Guru Ji Test for Disciples – Utilizing Resources

Once a Guru had three main disciples. As Guru ji was getting old, he decided to chose one of them as his successor. To test the intelligence of three, one day he called them and said, “Listen, I am going to a pilgrimage for a few months. Here are three bag with seeds inside them….

Three Teacher - Story about Learning from Others

Three Teachers – Story about Learning from Others

Long ago, in a village lived a Sage who was very famous and had many disciples. One day one of his disciples came to him and asked, “Guru Ji, who is your Guru(Teacher)? From whom did you gain your knowledge?” Sage smiled at disciples question and replied, “I have thousands of Guru! If i start…

Farmer and Nobleman Story - Always do Good Inspirational Short Story

Farmer and Nobleman Story – Always do Good

Once there was a poor Scottish farmer. One day, while working, he heard a cry for help from near by bog. He dropped his tools and ran to bog. There he saw a boy terrified and screaming stuck in bog up to waist. He was struggling to free himself. Farmer quickly acted and saved boy…

Never Give Up Story - Old Artist Persistance n Learning New Thing Story

Old Artist Learning – Never Give Up Story

Once lived a skilled artist named Shikaki. With his expertise and interest, he made an beautiful ink pot to present it to the King. Seeing that beautiful ink pot, he expected that King would encourage him and appreciate his skill as far as possible. With countless hopes and desire, he presented that ink pot to…

Two Boys Story - Motivational Short Stories, Believe in Urself Moral Story

Two Boys Story – Motivational

In a village, lived two very good friends one was Mintu whose age was 5 and other was Shinu whose age was 10. They used to do everything together like playing, sleeping, eating. Younger one was smarter and lean where as elder one was stronger and bulky. One day there were playing and running behind…

Learning from Mistakes Moral Stories - Example of Good Parenting

Scientist Childhood Story – Learning From Mistakes

Once a famous scientist was interviewed by a reporter. Reported asked him,”What do you think you set you apart from others?” He replied, “I think it all came from an experience that occured in my childhood. When i was 3 years old, i was trying to get a bottle of milk from refrigerator and while…

True Friends Story - Best Heart Touching Emotional Story of True Friendship

King’s Order – True Friendship Story

Once in a Kingdom, a man name Liam protested again King, King was arrogant he didn’t like anyone who would go against him so he ordered his soldiers to arrest and hang that man. Liam didn’t resisted and said, “My Lord, I will gladly accept your punishment but please grant me one last wish. Please…