Kids Playing in Pond – Story about Karma

Kids Playing in Pond - Story about Karma

Once Shiv ji and Parvati ji (Hindu God and Goddess) went on a walk. On way, they saw that many children were swimming and playing in a pond but one child was sitting near by in sad posture. Seeing that child, Parvati ji asked Shiv ji, “Why is this child sad?” Shiv ji said, “Look, … Read more

Pandit and Yamdoot Story – Truth of Life

Pandit and Yamdoot Story - Truth of Life

Once upon a time, a Pandit (very knowledgeable scholar) was on way to meet his close childhood friend who was handicapped since childhood. Pandit’s friend village was far away and he had to pass by many small village to reach his friend’s village. On way he met a man, that man also started walking with … Read more

King Yayati Curse – Desire and Realization Story

Story of King Yayati Curse - Desires and Realization of Life Truth

King Yayati was one of ancestors of Pandavas. He was well conversant with scriptures and had intense devotion towards God. He was utterly unacquainted with defeat. Nevertheless, cruel was his fate. He cheated his wife which angered his father-in-law Sukracharaya, who pronounced a curse on him. He cursed him with premature old age. Curse took … Read more

Krishna and Sudama Friendship Story

Krishna Sudama Story in English - True Friendship Moral Stories for Kids

Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. While Krishna thrived and prospered, Sudama didn’t. He lead a life of poor Brahman, living in small hut with his wife and kids. Most day, kids wouldn’t even get to eat from what Sudama got as alms. So, one day his wife suggested that he should go to … Read more

Pandavas Story – Present Time.!

Pandavas Short Stories - Doing Work on Time Moral Stories for Kids Life Lesson

Once upon a time a beggar came to Yudhisthira. He asked him for help. Yudhisthira was busy that time so he just replied, “Come tomorrow..” Beggar left. After beggar went away, Bheema (younger brother of Yudhisthira) took a big drum and starting beating drum furiously. With every beat he started walking toward city with that … Read more

Danveer Karna Story

Danveer Karna Stories in English - Krishna and Karna Mythological Story with Moral

One day while Shri Krishna and Arjuna were out for stroll, Arjuna said, “If you permit.. Can i ask you something??” Krishna smiled and replied, “Sure, you can ask me anything without any hesitation..” Arjuna said, “I don’t understand why Karna is considered as most generous person of all.. ” Krishna smiled and replied, “Sure, … Read more

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