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Soil of Heaven - Monk and Kid Deep Meaning Story

Soil from Heaven – Monk and Kid Deep Meaning Story

A man was suffering from a lot of pain at time of his death. Seeing him, many people gathered there. Just then a monk came there, people standing there asked monk to give a solution so that that dying man could be free from pain. Monk said, “If soil from heaven is brought and applied…

Kid Teaching at Gurukul - Way to Live Better Life

Kid Teaching at Gurukul – Way to Live Better Life

Once a man was passing by a Gurukul. He saw that a ten year old child was surrounded by some younger kids. Man stood there watching them. When younger kids left. Man went to ten year old kid and said, “What were you doing?” Kid replied, “I just taught them in their first class.” Man…

Kid Innocent Prayer - Heart Warming Story

Kid Innocent Prayer – Heart Warming Story

Everyday a kid use to see his grandfather performing evening puja. Seeing his grandfather worship, kid also wanted to perform whole ritual by himself but because his grandfather used to do puja, he was not able to do that. One day his grandfather got late for puja. Seeing opportunity child himself started doing rituals to…

Stories about Student Life - Learning Life Lesson Hard Way Moral Story

Young Boy Repentance – Story about School Life

Once there was a young boy named Aman who used to live in countryside with his father and mother. His father used to work hard in a farm to earn money while his mother would do all household work. Managing one year of school fees was difficult for them to begin with as they hardly…

Admission Conversation - Encouraging Principal and Kid Dialogue Interesting Story

Kid Admission Interview..!

Kid was bought to school to get admission in U.K.G. for interview as it was very difficult to get through admission in that school. Parents were really worried. Parents and kid entered principle office. Parents sat aside on sofa and kid was sitting in front of principal. Principal started to converse with kid.. here goes…..

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