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Blind Imitation is Bad - Do not Imitate Others Blindly Moral Stories English

Imitating Others Blindly..! Moral Stories

Story 1: Blind Imitation..!! One day a saint and his disciples were going through a forest, on the way they saw a pond full of fishes. Saint stopped there and bend down and started filling his mouth with fishes. Seeing this disciples decided to follow their guru and did same. At that time saint saw…

Imitation Short Stories - Stories about Changing Appearance vs Inner self

Changing Appearance vs Inner Self..!!

A young disciple wanted to learn Wisdom so he went to Zen master and requested him to accept him as his disciple. Master accepted him. Young disciple used to admire his master a lot. So he decided to observe his behavior minutely and believed that if he did everything the way his teacher did then…

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