Divorce Lawyer and Husband Conversation..!

Divorce LawyeAr and Husband Conversation

“How many days will it is take? It been a year now..”, in some angry tone, Mohan spoke to his lawyer. Lawyer replied, “Mr. Mohan, such case take time. You are not even ready to follow my instruction anyway.. or else you and your wife Sudha would have got divorce in a jiffy.” Mohan asked, … Read more

Troubles in Life? Trust God.. Husband Wife Story

Troubles in Life Trust in God Husband Wife Story

A devout Indian couple used to live in England. Husband was running a successful business. But one day husband suffered a big loss in business, losing all his money. From that day onward, his interest in eating, drinking, family and everything ended. He would stay immersed in just worry round the clock. His wife was … Read more

Blind Husband – Heart Touching Love Story

Blind Husband - Heart Touching Love Story

A man married a very beautiful girl. After marriage they were living happily. Man admired her beauty and loved her very much. But after few months, wife came to know that she was suffering from a skin disease and because of that gradually she will lose her beauty. Knowing this, wife started thinking to herself, … Read more

Two Diaries – Husband Wife Heart Touching Story

Two Diaries - Husband Wife Heart Touching Story

On the eve of wedding anniversary, husband and wife were sitting together drinking tea and talking. They were a perfect couple in the eyes of world. There was a lot of love between them but with time, it seemed that complaints were increasing between them. While talking, wife made a proposal, “I have a lot … Read more

Husband Wife Short Stories..!

Wife Response to Drunk Husband - Funny Story

Story 1: Man’s Search for Perfect Wife..! Once lived a man who remained unmarried his whole life. When he was ninety years old and dying, someone asked him, “You have remained unmarried your whole life but you never said what reason was. Now you are dying, if your secret is known it won’t harm you.” … Read more

Husband Wife Fights – Regrets in Life Story

Husband Wife Fights - Regrets in Life Story Heart Touching

Once cute couple who couldn’t live without each other even for a day, had turned bitter. Both were fighting over little things and both didn’t like way things changed. It was their anniversary day and wife Anisha was waiting for her husband Raj to show up. She was waiting to see if her husband remembered … Read more

Wife’s Smart Solution to Problem – Funny Interesting Story

Wife's Smart Solution to Problem - Funny Interesting Story

Once in a village lived a kind-hearted man Shyam with his wife Madhu. Although poor, he was generous man. Everyday he would bring guest home, for lunch. Often, couple would go hungry after serving guests. Madhu tried to tell her husband that it was difficult to feed guests, when they were themselves are struggling to … Read more

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..!

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..! - Husband WIfe Story

Ken started to feel that his married life had become more of an obligation. Joy and passion were long gone and he had lost interest in his wife Rita. Soon, in his office he found a young girl who came to like him. With time he decided to divorce his wife. He told his wife … Read more

Finding Fault – Husband Wife Sad Story

Finding Fault - Husband Wife Sad Story for Adults

Once a couple gave birth to a boy after eleven years of marriage. The boy was gem of their eyes. When boy was around two years old, One morning, when husband was going to office, he saw a medicine bottle open but because he was getting late for his office so he asked his wife … Read more

Wife’s Encouraging Words – Never Give Up Story

Wife's Encouraging Words for Husband - Never Give Up Story

Once in a city, lived a married young man with his wife. After marriage, young man started working as a teacher in primary school. But due to lack of experience, soon he was squashed by students in less than a week. When he returned home, he cried. His wife comforted him saying, “When one is … Read more

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