Heart of Clay – Young Boy and Monk Story

Heart of Clay - Young Boy and Monk Story

In a village, lived a couple with their son. Their son used to stay irritated all the time and used to get angry over little talks. Everyday, he used to get in quarrel with people in his neighborhood. He didn’t even had any friends. Parents got worried about their son. One day a monk arrived … Read more

Saint Question – Who is Slave of Whom?

Saint Question - Who Should Bow to Whom?

Once a Saint entered into palace and went straight to King’s court and started looking here and there. Seeing this, minister came near Saint and said to him, “O Saint, this is royal court. Do you not see that King is sitting on throne in front? Bow down, you should bow down to King.” Saint … Read more

Father Reply to Complain..! Change in Thinking

Father Reply to Complain..! Change in Thinking

In train, two kids were playing, jumping on seats, running here and disturbing all other passengers in compartment of train. Their father was sitting near by lost in some thoughts. In between, children would look at their father, he would respond with smile and then again kids would get busy with their mischief. Passengers of … Read more

Three Toys and Their Value – King n Toy Seller Story

Three Toys and Their Value - King and Toy Seller Story

A man who used to travel and sell toys. One day he arrived at a kingdom where he came to know that King of that Kingdom like to see new toys. He went to King’s palace where court was being held. Toy seller said, “Today i will show you toys which you had never seen … Read more

Thirsty Man under Tree – Way Our Thinking Change (Must Read)

Assume a Situation - Way Our Thinking Change

Let’s assume a Situation You are full of sweat, very thirsty and your throat is dry but you are not getting water anywhere near by. In such situation, you stand under shade of a tree to eliminate fatigue. There is a building in front of that tree. Just then a window of an apartment on … Read more

King Punishment to Servant..!

King Punishment to Servant - Moral Story with Life Lesson

Long ago there was a King who had kept ten wild dogs. Any server not matter how long that server worked for King, just at one mistake, server would be punished. Servant at fault would be thrown in front of those wild dogs as punishment. Dogs would attack and torture them and sometimes would even … Read more

Monk’s Advice to Fool..!

Monks Advice to Fool - Condemn Others Short Story

In a village, lived a man who was a fool. Everybody in village made fun of him. He lived all his life cowering and not even daring to speak. One day, a monk came to village. At night, man went to monk and fell at his feet and said, “Please give me some blessing. My … Read more

Value of Pen – Life Lesson

Value of Pen - JRD Tata and his Friend Life Lesson about Carelessness

JRD Tata had a friend who used to misplace and lose his pen very often. He used very cheap pens so that he need not to worry about losing them. Friend told JRD Tata that he was worried about his carelessness habit. One day, JRD suggested him to buy the costliest pen, he could afford … Read more

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