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Money Equal Happiness? Reality of Life

Money Equal Happiness? Reality of Life

Once a beggar went to a farmer’s house to beg for food. While waiting for alms, beggar saw that when farmer came home, farmer’s wife washed his hands and feet, his children came to him and hugged him.. After this farmer sat down to eat food. Meanwhile, farmer’s wife came out and gave some bread…

Rich Man Interview - Happiest Time of Life..!

Rich Man Interview – Happiest Time of Life..!

Once a billionaire was invited for interview. Interviewer asked, “Sir, what was the time when you felt happiest in your life?” At this billionaire replied, “I have gone through four stages of happiness in life and finally I understood the meaning of true happiness. First stage was when i accumulated wealth and resources. At this…

How Can I Be Happy - Man Question to Mahatma

How Can I Be Happy? Man Question to Mahatma

Long time ago, once a man went to Mahatma (Saint) and said, “How can i be happy?” Hearing this, Mahatma asked him to come with him to forest. Man agreed. They both started walking toward forest. When they were in the forest, Mahatma asked that man to pick up a stone that was lying there….

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