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Cursed Doll - Funny Horror Stories for Kids

Cursed Doll/ The Maid Short Horror Stories

Story 1: Cursed Doll Once lived a young girl who was extremely fond of dolls and had a hugh collection of variety of dolls at her home. One day, while she was browsing at a toy store and found a doll. Seeing that beautiful doll, see was keen to add it to her collection. When…

Clown in Hall Short Story - Best Halloween Stories for Kids

Clown in Hall/ Man in Trench Coat Stories for Halloween

Story 1: The Clown in Hall! Once a family a couple with two little boys moved into a hugh house with large number of rooms. Few days later, boys complained to their parents about a clown who kept coming in their room at night. But father didn’t took it seriously. One day when parents were…

Hitchhiker - Funny Horror Stories for Kids

Hitchhiker/ Girl Passing by Cemetery Story

Story 1: Hitchhiker Once a man was standing on a lonely highway in a dark rainy night. He was waiting to hitch a ride to go back home. Man was standing there alone for long time and was scared, He could barely see anything around. Just then he saw some light. It was a car…

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