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Salesman Motivational Stories - Honest Salesman Moral Stories for Kids

Salesman Honesty – Golden plate

Once upon a time, two salesman Sam and Tom came up together to far away town. They used to sell hand-made jewels. When they came to town they decided that one will sell in one part of town and other will sell in another part. Also, after one has gone through area once, other can…

Stories on Honesty and Truthfulness - Prince and Young Girl Best Stories

Young Girl Love for Prince.! Honesty Story

In ancient china, It was tradition that if prince has to be married before he can become crowned emperor. There was a prince who was about to be crowned. So he needed to find a young woman whom he could trust and get married to. Once there was a  who had to be crowned in…

Bag of Coins - Greed Stories for Kids Moral Short Stories English

Bag of Coins!!

Once in a village lived a very greedy man Paul. He always wanted to have lots of money and wish to own everything to himself. He used to calculate each and every small ways in which he can save and get more money. He used to deceive others and many time told lies to protect…

Story of Ekalavya And Dronacharya in English - Motivational

Story of Ekalavya And Dronacharya

Long-era ago, In India lived a boy named Eklavya, son of tribal chief in the forest of kingdom Hastinapur. Eklavya was brave and handsome boy who was loved by all. His father saw that something was troubling him. Many times he saw his son lost in deep thought and other boys used to play and…

Gold Coins and Selfish Man - Short Moral Stories on Honesty

Bag of Gold Coins..!!

Rohan was a greedy and a selfish man. He always desired to have lots and lots of wealth and never hesitated to cheat others to earn money. Also, he never wished to share anything with the others. He was so selfish that he would like to own everything for himself.  The selfish man used to…

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