Holy Man Solution for Sorrow..!

Sorrow Short Story - Holy Man Solution for Woman Sorrow Deep Meaning

Long ago, in a Chinese town, lived a woman with her only son. One day his only son died in a accident in a very young age. In her grief, she went to the holy man who lived in same town. She went to him and said, “What prayers or magical incantations i have to … Read more

Humility Stories – Sage Advice..!

Humility Stories - Sage Spiritual Lesson to King Offer Gratitude Moral Story

One day King went to his spiritual master and said, “Master, you have been helping me in my spiritual life. I am very grateful to you.. I want to do something for you.. Can i give something to you that you need?” Master replied, “I have everything from God. What can you give me? What … Read more

Life Reality – Dream Meaning.!

Dream Short Stories - Harsh Reality of Life Short Story with Deep Meaning

Once a man saw a strange dream. He couldn’t understand meaning of his dream. So, one day he decided to visit holy man to ask him about his dream. Next day, he came to holy man and told him, “I had a very strange dream. I couldn’t understand it’s meaning. Can you please help me?” … Read more

Bundle of Gems..!! (Must Read)

Never Do Wrong Moral Stories - Spiritual Learning Best Short Moral Story

Once in a village lived a poor man. Poor man was a devotee and used to pray daily to God. He was very good by nature and never troubled anyone. In village many Holy man used to visit. Poor man respected them very much and when every any holy man visited village, he would go … Read more

Stories about Life Struggles.!

Short Stories about Life Struggles - Holy Man Advice Motivational Stories

Story 1: Old Man Question to Holy Man..!! One day, an old man who’s son recently died in accident got to know about a holy man who was came to their village. Old man was very disturbed and sadden by demise of his son. He went to a holy man and said, “Can you help … Read more

Rich Man Problem..!!

Health is Wealth Stories - Holy Man Wise Advice to Rich Man Moral Stories

Once there was a very rich businessman who was kind and generous. He used to help everyone, everyone liked him still his family and friends were worried about him because he was very lazy. He used to work from home and spent days, weeks in bed without getting out anywhere or doing any physical work … Read more

Holy Man and Snake Hissing..!

Snake and The Holy man Story - Teaching Life Lesson Short Moral Stories

Once in small village lived a snake who used to attack and kill village animals. Villagers wanted to respect all creatures but they hate that snake because snake was not just attacking animals but now it used to attack villagers children also. All villagers wanted to kill snake. So one day all villagers gathered on … Read more

Holy Man Advice – Life Lesson

The Holy Man Short Story - Judging Other on Basis of Their Appearance

Once people of a village came to know about a wise holy man who used to live in a small house on mountain top which was very difficult to reach to. Thinking of difficulty to reach there no one from village ever tried to visit him. One day, a man from village decided to take … Read more

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