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Message on Pole - Way to Help Old Woman

Message on Pole – Way to Help Old Woman

On the way, man saw a paper with handwritten message stuck on electric pole. Man went closer and started reading… “Yesterday my fifty rupee note fell on this road. I can’t see properly and was not able to find it, whoever finds it please deliver it..!!” was written on it and under it was written…

Virtuous Man and Sage Story - Ways to Help Others

Virtuous Man and Sage Story – Way to Help Others

Once upon a time, a very virtuous person along with his family went for a pilgrimage. After going several miles, whole family started feeling thirsty. Water that man was carrying with him had run out. It was month of June and there was no water to be seen anywhere and his child started getting dehydrated….

Commander and Tea Shop Owner Story - Be Helpful

Commander and Tea Shop Owner Story – Be Helpful

It was freezing! Temperature was 0 degree!! During patrolling, a contingent of soldiers were passing through mountainous path, their commander was also with them. Way became difficult and dark. Soldiers started to feel tired and difficult to continue walking down that path. Just a little ahead, they saw a tea shop but when they reached…

Woodcutter and Eagle Story for Kids - Helping Other and Misunderstanding Moral

Woodcutter and Eagle Story for Kids

One day a woodcutter was passing through the forest. At one place, he saw an eagle trapper in a trap placed there by a hunter. Woodcutter felt pity toward that eagle. He checked around to see if hunter was near by and then seeing no one he ran toward trapped eagle and freed him from…

Old man and Clerk Inspiring Story about Helping Others - Story of Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Elderly Couple and Clerk Story – Be Kind and Helpful

Many years ago, on stormy night an elderly man and his wife entered in a small hotel in Philadelphia, USA. Trying to get out of rain, couple approached front desk hoping to get a room. Husband said, “Could you possibly give us a room here?” Clerk, a friendly man, looked at the couple and said,…

Friend's Gift and Help..! Holy People Teaching about Mind Moral Story

Friend’s Gift and Help..!

Once a man went to visit his friend. His friend was good host, He welcomed him and treated him really well. Man spent a few days visiting with his friend and when it was time for him to go, his friend said, “I have an extra horse. Why don’t you take the horse as a…

Blind and Lame Man - Helping Each Other Aesop Fable Moral Story

Blind and Lame Man Story

Once in a forest, near a city, lived two beggars. There were in same profession but there were not many alms they could get and because of that they became enemies. One was blind and other was lame. They were always quarreling about territories. Because there were two of them, there was great struggle and…

Man Kind Nature and God's Test - Story of Kindness Inspirational

Boy who Lost all his Riches – Story of Kindness

Long ago, in a village, a boy was born in rich family. His name was Deva. From his childhood, He was very Kind and would share his riches with needy. Time went by and he got married and had sons. With no thoughts for future, both Deva and his wife continued to share with needy….

Who is My Neighbor Man Question to Jesus - Parable Good Samritan

Who is My Neighbor? – Man Question to Jesus

One day, a man asked Jesus, “What must i do to go to Heaven?” Jesus replied, “What do the scriptures say?” “Love thy God with all your heart, mind and body and love your neighbor as yourself.“, replied man. Jesus said, “Right. You have answered correctly. Do this and you will be able to go…

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