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Poor Father and Daughter - Heart Touching Story

Poor Father and Daughter – Heart Touching Story

Once a man from village wearing old dirty clothes arrived at a large hotel with his 16 years old daughter. Seeing both of them sitting, waiter placed two glasses of water in front of them and asked, “What should i bring for you?” Man said, “I promised my daughter that if she come first in…

Student Art Work for Thankfulness - Heart Warming Story

Student Art Work for Thankfulness – Heart Warming Story

Once a first grade teacher thought of giving her class a fun assignment. Because Thanksgiving day was near, she asked kids to draw a picture of something for which they were thankful. Many would celebrate holiday with turkey and other traditional goodies of season, so teacher’s thought were that it would be subject of most…

Price of Miracle - Little Girl Heart Touching Story

Price of A Miracle – Little Girl Heart Touching Story

Tess, eight year old girl, who heard her mom and dad talking about her little brother, Andy. All she could understand was that her brother was very sick and her parents were completely out of money. Her parents were talking about how costly surgery was and it was looking like there was no one to…

Man Kind Nature and God's Test - Story of Kindness Inspirational

Boy who Lost all his Riches – Story of Kindness

Long ago, in a village, a boy was born in rich family. His name was Deva. From his childhood, He was very Kind and would share his riches with needy. Time went by and he got married and had sons. With no thoughts for future, both Deva and his wife continued to share with needy….

Airhostess Response to Woman - No One is Superior to Other

Airhostess Response to Woman..!

It’s scene from a flight. A white woman who was about 50 years old, was seated next to a black man. Disturbed by this, she called air hostess. Air hostess asked, “What is matter?” Woman responded, “Obviously, you don’t see it.. Then?” Pointing to black man who was seated beside her, she said, “You placed…

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..! - Husband WIfe Story

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..!

Ken started to feel that his married life had become more of an obligation. Joy and passion were long gone and he had lost interest in his wife Rita. Soon, in his office he found a young girl who came to like him. With time he decided to divorce his wife. He told his wife…

Painter Job and Hole in Boat - Small Help Heartwarming Story

Painter Job and Hole in Boat – Inspiring Story

Once a boat owner decided to get his boat paint. So one day, he called a painter and asked him to paint his boat. Painter bought with him paint and brushes and began to paint boat with bright red color as owner asked him. While painting boat, he realized that there was a hole in…

Old Man Glasses - Power of Prayer Heart Warming Short Story

Old Man’s Glasses – Power of Prayer

Once there lived, an old man who was carpenter who used to live with his family. One day, he was building some crates for the clothes, his church was sending to some orphanage in China. After completing work on his way to home, when old man reached into his pocket to find his glasses, he…