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King and Sadhu Solution for Lazy Prince Story - Health is Wealth

Lazy Prince Story – Health is Wealth

Once upon a time, there was King who was very wise and kind. He had son who was very lazy and didn’t like to do anything. Even for little things Prince would wait for his attendants to serve him every moment. All day, he would lie on his bed and because of his laziness, he…

Old Man Wisdom - Confucius And Old Man Short Stories Lao Tzu Teaching

Confucius Story – Old Man Fitness..!

Once Confucius was passing by a village where he saw an old man with his young son pulling water from the well. Confucius was confused to see this as at that time people harness horses or oxen to pull water from the well. Confucius with concern went to old man and said, “Why are you…

Health is Wealth Stories - Holy Man Wise Advice to Rich Man Moral Stories

Rich Man Problem..!!

Once there was a very rich businessman who was kind and generous. He used to help everyone, everyone liked him still his family and friends were worried about him because he was very lazy. He used to work from home and spent days, weeks in bed without getting out anywhere or doing any physical work…

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