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Courtier Search for Secret of Work - Working with Heart Moral Story

Courtier’s Search – Secret of Work Story

Once upon a time, lived a King who was very kind and wise. One day, he got curious to know about his subjects work and their well being. So, one day, he called his courtiers and said, “Go, find how are people of my Kingdom living and bring me person who knows about ‘Secret of…

Aesop Fables - Farmer and Golden Egg Story

Stories for Kids – Aesop Fables

Story 1: Ant and Grasshopper Story..! On a summer day, Ant was carrying corn to it’s nest. A grasshopper was hoping near by, chirping and singing to it’s heart content. Seeing ant, grasshopper said, “Why not come and chat with me instead of toiling in that way?” Ant replied, “I am helping to lay up…

Hardwork and Success - Kings Advisor and Young Man Motivational Story

Hard Work and Success – Young Man Story..!!

Once upon a time in a kingdom, a King’s advisor was famous for his wisdom. One day while going to palace with one of his friend and on his way, he saw a dead mouse.. Seeing that mouse he said to his friend, “Even from such small beginnings as this dead mouse, an energetic young…

Hard Work Story - Farmer and Sons Encouraging Moral Stories for Kids

Father Son Story – Treasure in Fields..!!

Once in a village lived a farmer who used to live with his two young son. Farmer was very hard working and used to work at fields where as his sons were lazy and refused to do work in fields. They would waste all day being idle. Time passed and farmer got old and weaker…

Short Stories about Trusting God - Motivational Encouraging Short Moral Stories

Trust God – Facing Difficulties in Life..!

Once in a far away place lived a man who had faith in God. One night, a man was sleeping soundly. Suddenly a huge sound woke him up. When he opened his eyes, he saw that his room was filled with light. Just then God appeared before him, showed him a large rock outside his…

Heart Touching Stories - Heart Touching Father and Son Story Encourging

Heart Touching Father Son Story..!

A young boy used to live with his father alone. He loved playing football and his father always encourage him. His father never missed a game. Even though his son would always on the bench, yet his father would always be there in stands cheering for him. When young man entered high school. He was…

Thinking Wisely Stories - Father Daughter Short Motivational Story English

Farmer Heir – Thinking Wisely Story

Once in a village lived a rich farmer with his four daughter. All his daughter were married and were happily living their life. Farmer was getting old and there was no one else to look after his property. So one day farmer thought of testing capability of his daughters so that he can decide what…

Stories of Persistence and Success - Inspiring Story of Glenn Cunningham

Inspiring Story of Glenn Cunningham..!!

In a country side school, classroom used to be heated by old fashioned way. A little boy used to come early to school to start fire and warm class before after everyone else arrive. But one morning when everyone else arrived they found the school engulfed in flames. They found unconscious boy inside and carried…

Moral Stories on Never Lose Hope - Short Stories abt Destiny n Hardwork

Never Lose Hope..!!

Once a middle aged man lost his job and was looking for a job to support his living. In newspaper he found that a job of “Office Boy” is available. He needed a job badly so he applied for post of “office boy” at a very big firm. Next day he was called for interview….

Doing Good Moral Stories - Beautiful Flowers Stories to Learn Life Lesson

Beautiful Flowers on Other Side..! Moral Story

Once a young girl was very fond of gardening. She used to love flowers and had maintained herself a very beautiful garden. One day while looking through a flower catalogue, she found a very beautiful flower. She thought to herself, “I want to have it in my garden.” She looked through the details of flower…