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Spiritual Enlightenment Stories - Material Life vs Spiritual Life

Material Life vs Spiritual Life!!

Once in a kingdom, king brought a beautiful diamond necklace for his daughter as gift but the necklace was stolen and everyone in the kingdom tried to find it out…

Socrates Moral Stories - Trust in Relationship Moral Stories

Filter Test for Rumors!! (Must Read)

In ancient times, Socrates (Philosopher) in Greece were considered in High esteem for their knowledge. One day a follower of great philosopher went to him and started saying, “Do you…

Money vs Peace Short Stories in Eng - Being Happy Moral Stories

Poor or Rich!! Being Happy Moral Stories

Once in a village lived neighbors Ramesh and Suresh. Ramesh was a poor farmer where as Suresh was a landlord. Ramchand used to work in farms all day and still…