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Fight Between Husband Wife -Relationship Story with Moral Lesson

Husband Wife Fight – Relationship Story..!

Once in a city, lived a couple who had constant quarrels. In their neighbor lived another couple who lived quietly and happily. Couple would feel jealous of their neighbors because…

Couple Story - Searching for Perfectly Happy Couple Interesting Story

Perfect Happiness – Couple Story

Once a young couple lived in city. They were living a happy life together but they would still worry about if their happiness would last forever. One day, they heard…

Happy Monk Story - Best Story about Happiness of Spiritual Enlightenment

Happy Monk Story

Once upon a time, lived a high class rich man in a kingdom. As he rich man became older and realized that suffering for old age was about same for…

Finding Happiness in Little Things - Rich Lady and Psychiatrist Short Story

Finding Happiness in Little Things..!

Once a rich lady complained to his psychiatrist, “I feel like my whole life is empty and it has no meaning.” Listening to this her psychiatrist called over an old…

Moral Stories About Hatred - Interesting Life Lesson about Hating Others

Effect of Hatred on You..!! (Must Read)

Once a kinder garden teacher had decided to let her class play a game. She told each child in her class to bring along a plastic bag containing few potatoes….

Feel Satisfied in Life Stories - Being Happy With What You Have Moral

Crow and Birds Story..!

Once there was a Crow who was very satisfied in his life. He used to roaming looking all around. One day he saw a Swan and saw that it is…