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Disciple Question to Acharaya - Why is Discipline Important

Disciple Question – Why is Discipline Important?

In ancient times, In a Gurukul lived Acharya Sumedh with his disciples. He was very knowledgeable and adhered to discipline. One day after end of lesson, one of his disciple named Vartant asked him, “Acharayvar! Intellectual sharpness is basis of learning. Despite this why do you always talk about tying our whole life in rigid…

Bag of Potatoes - Burden of Jealousy or Envy!

Bag of Potatoes – Burden of Jealousy or Envy!

Once a Guru called all his disciples and said, “Bring a bag of potatoes with you when you all come to discourse tomorrow but remember that each potato you bring should have the name on them of the person whom you envy. Disciples who envy many people bought as many potatoes with them.” Next day,…

Why do we Suffer? Guru Disciple Story about Karma

Why do we Suffer? Guru Disciple Story about Karma

Why we got this life? Why do we suffer? One day, a Mahatma went to a walk with his disciple. Mahatma liked to speak less and do his work peacefully where as disciple was very agile. While walking, they were passing by a pond and there they saw that a fisherman was laying a trap…

Guru Ji Test for Disciples - Utilizing Resources

Guru Ji Test for Disciples – Utilizing Resources

Once a Guru had three main disciples. As Guru ji was getting old, he decided to chose one of them as his successor. To test the intelligence of three, one day he called them and said, “Listen, I am going to a pilgrimage for a few months. Here are three bag with seeds inside them….

Three Teacher - Story about Learning from Others

Three Teachers – Story about Learning from Others

Long ago, in a village lived a Sage who was very famous and had many disciples. One day one of his disciples came to him and asked, “Guru Ji, who is your Guru(Teacher)? From whom did you gain your knowledge?” Sage smiled at disciples question and replied, “I have thousands of Guru! If i start…

Life Lessons Spiritual Growth - Moral Story Distractions in Spiritual Path

Spiritual Growth Moral Story – Distractions in Path..!!

Once a saint who was on his death bed called his disciple and said, “Remember one thing.. Never Allow a Cat in Your Life..” Just after saying that saint died. Disciple was perplexed by those last words. He was not able to understand it’s meaning. He thought to himself, “Why would i allow a cat…

Wisdom and Knowledge Stories - Working Together Stories

Wisdom and Knowledge Stories

Story 1: Why to Learn Together..?? Once all disciples were sitting with master. One of disciple questioned his master, “Master, Everyone says that to find spiritual inner self one have to go alone in search of it. If it’s true then why are we all together here learning about Spiritual Enlightenment?” Master replied, “A tree…

Surdas Story - Best Moral Stories for Kids abt Overcome Your Weakness Stories

Surdas Story – Anger Issue.!

Surdas was a 14th-century blind saint, poet and musician, who was known for his devotional songs dedicated to Lord Shri Krishna. When young, Surdas wanted to learn Spirituality so he went to Guru and requested him, “Please accept me as your disciple.” Guru found out that Surdas has lots of quality but he had anger…