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Boy Deal with Girl - Cheat and Guilt Story

Boy Deal with Girl – Cheat and Guilt Story

Once a boy and girl were playing in a park. Boy was playing with marbles and girl was watching him playing. Girl had a packet of candies with her. She wanted to play with marbles, so she went to boy and said, “I want to play with marbles, will you exchange all these marbles in…

Genghis Khan and his Friend Falcon Story - Think Before you Act

Genghis Khan and his Falcon Story

One morning, Genghis khan went out for hunting with his companions. His companions carried bows and arrows where as Genghis khan carried his favorite falcon on his arm. He knew that his falcon was much better than any arrow because it could fly into skies and see everything that a human being couldn’t. Despite the…

Short Moral Stories for Adults - Learning from Kids Short Stories for Adults

Judging Other’s – Train Journey.!

Seema boarded on train with her 5yr old daughter. It was her first travel through train. Train was very crowded and it was very difficult to even pass through lanes between seats. Seema clutched hands of her daughter fearing that crowd could pull her daughter away. When train started to move a snack vendor came…

Short Stories about Karma - Short Moral Stories for Children to Learn Good

Karma Stories – Lost Mobile.!

A 15 years old kid name sonu was returning home from play. On his way back home he saw a boy crying. Sonu asked boy, “Why are you crying?” That boy wiped his tears and sobbingly said, “I lost my new mobile. I am from a poor family yet my father bought me a mobile….

Sarcastic Short Stories with Morals - King and Prisoner Story

Sarcastic Short Stories…!!

Story 1: Innocent Prisoners..!! Once King weng visited his palace prison. There he meet prisoners and listened to their complaints. One of the prisoner who was accused of murder said to him, “I am innocent.. Please release me.. I am here just because i wanted to give my wife a fright bu accidentally killed her..”…

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