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Midas and Golden Touch - Classical Greek Mythology Short Moral Stories

King Midas and Golden Touch..

In ancient Greek, there was a King named Midas. He had a loving wife and daughter. He had lots of money and everything he needed but still he was not satisfied with what he had. He wanted to have more and more riches. One day, Midas saw that a satyr named Silenus was drunk and…

Foolish Man Story - Jeweler Stupidity and Greed Short Story in English

Foolish Man Story – Jeweler Stupidity..!!

Once a fair was help in a village. In fair, people were roaming around and seeing many shops and buying things. Among those there was a small shop set up by an illiterate man. His shop was filled with many colorful jewelry and others things made of glass. In fair, a jeweler was also roaming…

Greedy Man Stories - Rich Man and Farmer Classic Moral Stories for Kids

Greedy Man and Farmer Story..!!

Once upon a time, in a village lived a rich man who had lost his bag of gold coins on street on his way back to home. He tried to look for it everywhere but couldn’t find it. He became sad and disappointed. At last, he went to village headman and after listening to his…

Greedy Stories in English - Being Content is Key to Happiness Moral Story

Greed Stories – Magic Crystal Ball..!!

Once in a village, an old man was walking back from his work. On his way back he saw something shiny behind a tree. When got near tree and check that, he found a crystal ball. As soon as he picked up that ball, a voice came from it which said, “I am a magic…

Parrot and Snake Story - Handling Difficult Situation with Cleverness Story

Parrot and Snake Story

Once upon a time, a hunter lived near forest and used to go for hunt everyday. One day he went to forest for hunt but couldn’t hunt anything till evening. He got tired and decided to walk back home. On his way he saw a parrot’s nest and said to himself, “I will catch these…

Crow Story - Wise Friend Advice Short Moral Stories with Lesson abt Greed

Crow Greed – Wise Pigeon Advice

Once upon a time, in a city people used to set-up bird house in side their garden as act of kindness for bird. In that city, lived a rich man how had put up a bird’s house near his kitchen, where a wise pigeon started living. While living there pigeon noticed that, cook of that…

Every Effort Counts Short Stories - Importance of Working Together Story

Every Effort Counts..

Story 1: Little Bird’s Effort..!! Once a long time ago, a great fire occurred in the forest. All the people and animals living in the forest started to run to try to escape from fire. Among birds, an owl noticed a small bird who was flying back and forth between the nearest river and fire….

Desire Moral Stories - Sage and King Short Stories to Learn Moral Lesson

Desire Stories – Sage Coin..!

Once upon a time, lived a Sage who used to go from one place to other. Once he was passing through a street of capital city of a kingdom. On his way he found a coin on side of road. Sage picked it up and kept it. Sage used to live a simple life and…

Short Stories on Karma - Greed and its Result Three Friends Moral Story

Karma Stories – Three Friends..!!

Once in a village lived three friends who were not able to earn much money so one day they decided to go to city together to earn money. On decided day all three friends came prepared for the journey to city. After walking for two days on their way to city while walking through a…

Funny Moral Stories Human Characters - Expectations Dog Short Stories

Dog Owner Reply to Shopkeeper – Funny Story

One night when a shopkeeper was just about to close his shop, a dog came to him into his shop. Dog was holding a bag in his mouth. Dog moved toward shopkeeper to give that bag to him. Shopkeeper understood what dog was trying to do and took the bag. When shopkeeper opened the bag,…

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