Two Friends Conflict – Short Moral Story for Kids

Two Friends Conflict - Short Moral Story for Kids

Once in a village lived two friends Nakul and Soham. Soham was very hard working where as Nakul was religious and used to prayer all day and believed that he didn’t have to do anything because all will be done by God. One day, they both bought a piece of land for farming. Soham used … Read more

How does a person become GREAT? Inspiring

How does a person become GREAT? Inspiring

One day, a little boy asked his father, “What does word Great means?” Boy said, “I have read many time that this person is great, he did this and that. Please explain me who are these great people and how they become great?” Father said, “Okay.” Father thought of a idea to teach his son … Read more

Order What you can Consume – Life Lesson

Money is Your but Resource is of Society - Life Lesson

Germany is a highly industrialized country. In such a country, many will think its people lead a luxurious life. Once a group of men, colleagues from a company arrived at Hamburg, Germany. When they arrived they were all hungry, so they all looked for a near by restaurant. It was on walking distance. They walked … Read more

Farmer Digging Well..!!

Farmer Digging Well Story - Encouraging Moral Story for Kids

Once in a village, lived a young farmer named Shyamlal. He once set out to dig a well enthusiastically. He selected a good spot and cheerfully set to work. After digging 25 feet, he saw no sign of water. He got tired and  decided to rest for a while and then continue. Just then another … Read more

Benefits of Helping Others..!

Helping Stories with Moral - Benefits n Goodness of Helping Others Stories

Story 1: Helping Others..! Once in a village lived a boy name Shiva. He belonged to a poor family and to help his family he would go to forest to get some wood to sell in market and earn some money. One day while returning from forest he saw an old man. When asked man … Read more

Way to be Happy Always

How to be Happy Always - How to Make Peace with Yourself Short Story

In a small village lived a man name Ram who was kind and always happy. He used to smile always and had kind and encouraging words to say, whenever it was necessary. Everyone who met him, left feeling better and happier and elated. One of his neighbor always saw him. He saw that lots of … Read more

Always Speak Truth – King and Prisoner Story

Always Speak Truth Story - King and Prisoner Moral Story in English

Once a Kingdom was ruled by kind King Raja Bhanu Pratap. One day while declaring a punishment for a criminal, he thought that he should try to know more about those who were punished for some offense they done. After getting punished do they really have a feeling of remorse? Next day, king went to … Read more

Stuck in Life? Spider Story

Spider Story in English - Stuck in Life Learning Stories with Best Moral

Once upon a time, there was a spider who used to live in basements of museum. Spider’s web was spin alongside paintings that were in basement for years. Spider’s web was artistic and had made most beautiful web in whole museum. It was really spectacular and spider took all effort into looking after his web. … Read more

Inspiring Story – Small Things.!

Do Good Inspiring Story - Doing Good fr People n Community Short Story

Once a woman saw that bus stop near her house had no bench. So she bought a small bench and installed it at bus stop near her house. Everyone used to ask her reason and she would reply, “It’s my neighborhood. Who better to tend it than me?” When bench was installed – mothers, kids, … Read more

Be Honest – Old Man Advice.!

Be Honest Moral Story - Never Give in to Temptations Inspirational Stories

Once an pious old man had to travel with lot of luggage by train. So, he went to ticket counter and asked for train as well as luggage ticket for his travel to another city. Seeing old man, clerk recognized him. Clerk was an old acquaintance of that old man. Clerk greeted him. While giving … Read more

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